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a person who enjoys being in or on the water


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a dog accustomed to water and usually trained to retrieve waterfowl

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During his week on the beach, he learns how to be a water dog and magically helps Logan, a young boy with autism.
With a black, curly coat and a spirited temperament, Matisse mirrors the standards for an ideal Portuguese water dog.
Coupled with Water Dog bags, the Porta-Pit is designed for the easy collecting and disposing of concrete washout materials and water on jobsites.
They are also referred to occasionally as the Romagna Water Dog.
A Day as A Portuguese Water Dog" speaks as Sigi pursues his dreams of being a Portuguese water dog.
Meanwhile border collies Molly, Dennis, Spanish water dog Trella and Labrador retriever Seal will be competing in the breed classes.
They go for two half-hour walks a day but despite the Newfoundland's reputation as a fantastic water dog, when Jackie's pack hit the beach they prefer to paddle.
Ms Sylvia-Stasiewicz initially had no idea the Portuguese water dog that arrived at her Virginia home two years ago was destined for life at the White House.
Or do you know what a Portuguese water dog looks like?
It would ultimately take her across the country in search of the knowledge and skills to train her Portuguese Water Dog, Gaucho, to do what his breeding dictated.
10 Number of puppies I born in the litter that included Bo, the Obama family's new Portuguese water dog.
SAO PAULO, Brazil - A well-to-do woman was walking her Portuguese water dog the other day in a chic neighborhood of South America's largest city, and both the woman and the dog became instant celebrities.
Even as public animal shelters across the country have reported a significant influx of animals dropped off by people who have lost their jobs or homes or who just can't take care of a family pet, the First Family's adoption of Bo, a 6-month-old curly-haired black-and-white Portuguese Water Dog has generated a media frenzy in the United States.
The six-month-old Portuguese water dog was taken for a walk on the south lawn of the White House with his new family and he will have the run of almost every room in the famous building.
But each time Americans see Obama's daughters frolicking with Bo, the Portuguese water dog (the decision not to imitate JFK and buy a Welsh terrier should not be taken as a snub), they will remember that their president is a man who keeps his promises and their hearts will throb with hope.