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forked stick that is said to dip down to indicate underground water or oil

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The Water Diviner and Other Stories investigates many aspects of Sri Lankan culture, including the long-term effects of colonialism, ethnic and religious differences, caste and class systems, colorism, racism, immigration, and more.
The Water Diviner is one of several recent films that bear the disclaimer 'Inspired by true events', and it seems to me a more honest and accurate statement than the more usual 'Based on a true story'.
The first red carpet Gala is The Water Diviner , which sees Russell Crowe returning to his Australian roots in his directorial debut.
New Zealander actor-director Russell Crowe, who filmed parts of his directorial debut, "The Water Diviner," in Turkey, tweeted on Wednesday: "Just now hearing the tragic news coming out of Turkey.
Jal is the story of a young water diviner, BAKKA who is gifted with a special ability to find water in the desert.
WATER DIVINER. The World Bank produced a study to source the water - a Casecnan water and power project with a 200-meter-high dam at a cost of $2 B.
The North Wales Brewery employed a water diviner to source the water before drilling 500ft into the hillside at Moelfre, above Abergele.
Sunarko has a reputation as a water diviner. "I finally found the spring, but I did not ask him [the head of the boarding school] to become a Catholic," he said.
The preferred rural oracle to geology, the water diviner or water wyzer (water pointer), was an old presence in the colonial landscape with an ancient European pedigree.
At Aled Rees' organic dairy unit in north Pembrokeshire, the situation has become so dire he is seriously thinking of hiring in a professional water diviner to find alternative groundwater sources on his land.
The Water Diviner 10pm BBC2 Epic war drama starring Russell Crowe.
WATCH IT FARMER Joshua Connor (Russell Crowe) possesses a rare gift for divining water in The Water Diviner (BBC2, 10pm, tomorrow) which he uses to irrigate the property he shares with his wife and three sons.
WHEN homes spring mystery leaks, residents call Geoffrey Staite for a touch of water diviner intervention.
Set in 1919, The Water Diviner is a moving story about Australian Joshua Connor (Crowe) who travels to Turkey after the Battle of Gallipoli to try to locate his three missing sons.
The Water Diviner (Cert 12, PS9.99) Set in 1915, an Australian farmer, played by Russell Crowe, travels to Turkey to look for his three missing sons after the battle of Gallipoli.