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increased secretion of urine

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1951) Water diuresis produced during recumbency by the intravenous infusion of isotonic saline solution.
This information is most useful in two circumstances: 1) in cases of water loss secondary to an osmotic load (such as urea or glucose) and 2) in assessing free water losses following correction of hyponatremia in a case where a free water diuresis can ensure.
An excessive amount of water in the body is rare, but water diuresis can fail after trauma, including surgery and head injury, with inappropriate release of ADH or SIADH syndrome of insufficiency of antidiuretic hormone.
During water diuresis, when vaso pressin levels are low, a small amount of water is still reabsorbed, primarily at the inner medullary layer where the medullary osmotic gradient is highest and the basal water permeability is also highest.
Gulping down water can actually increase your risk of dehydration due to a process known as water diuresis.
In agreement with the results of Lloyd (1) published in 1952, later investigators claimed a stimulatory influence of water diuresis on urinary free Cortisol (UFC) in healthy individuals (2-5).