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a toilet in Britain

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New York City only made it permissible in 2012 for restaurants and coffee shops with just two water closets to make these unisex, and only then for places with a total occupancy of 30 or fewer.
During cleanup, the couple managed to salvage an interesting cast-iron piece that was turned into a unique wall sconce in the water closet.
In the ominous water closet sat the body of a middle-aged man with his throat fatally cut from ear to ear.
Hindware's other latest innovative, eco-friendly offering includes Nano water closet which can save massive volumes of water per year.
Thomas Jefferson, president from 1801-1809, purchased and installed a water closet on the second floor, off the President's bedroom.
Thomas Crapper did not invent the water closet or the siphon flush, but he and his firm were indefatigable developers and improvers.
Coast Guard (USCG)approved module has two 106-sq ft rooms, a central wet area and water closet, and is International Maritime Organization (IMO) and Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) compliant for international use.
En este caso, water closet, o simplemente water, que es un eufemismo para ocultar el tabu de la funcion defecadora, que da --no se sabe por que--tanta risa>>.
The first is water closet and urinal supplementation and the second is cooling tower makeup water usage.
WorkChoices' initials, WC, also stand for water closet, and that's exactly where our awards will go--down the toilet.
He then cleaned the water closet, but when he finished, he found a handprint smack in the middle of the mirror.
We all love the water closet, although most of us don't realise it.
The master baths feature elegant marble flooring and walls surrounding a platform tub deck, separate, frameless glass enclosed showers, private water closet and single or double sink sets.
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