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clock that measures time by the escape of water

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Are virtual meetings just like the water clock, limiting voices so that the process is more efficient?
Horologia, from Greek, means to tell the hour and was used to describe very early mechanical clocks, including water clocks.
A Chinese water clock (oldest printed illustration shown at left) could lose around 10 minutes a day.
QUIRKY Hunkin's famous water clock CHARMING Southwold seafront NOSTALGIA Southwold's pier is retro - and proud of it PLAYTIME Eve on the beach
The oldest is a 1665 water clock from Chester, England, that Chuck Christensen found in Princeton, N.
Although the sky rolls forward unassisted by hydrodynamic propulsion, about 2,000 years ago, during China's Later, or Eastern, Han dynasty (AD 23-220), a renowned and innovative astronomer, Zhang Heng, coupled a water clock with an armillary sphere to drive that instrument at the diurnal rate.
Of course, there always was some technology like the water clock in Muslim lands, but it always remained secondary and peripheral.
Another early timekeeper used by the Egyptians and Greeks was the clepsydra (KLEP se drah) or water clock.
The last three essays deal with timepieces, the compartmented cylindrical clepsydra or water clock, devices of considerable mechanical sophistication; the seventeenth-century table clepsydra; and some seventeenth-century efforts towards the construction of magnetic timepieces, many doomed because they relied on perpetual motion, even if they were inspired by a hint from William Gilbert.
The head was among 12 sculpted heads of zodiac animals that formed part of a water clock in the palace.
1million for a bronze tiger sculpture from a water clock made in 1744 and also seized from the Yuan Ming Yuan.
Photo: Royal Oak students Monica Mora, left, Marcia Japutra and Anna Owaki, all 12, put their water clock through its paces.
The simplest water clock was a bowl with a very tiny hole in the bottom.
The first thing that caught his eye was the giant water clock on the main floor.
I walked up to it and suddenly realized that it wasn't just a sculpture; it was actually a giant water clock.