water caltrop

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a variety of water chestnut

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Records of water caltrop fruits and zebra mussel in pikeperch stomachs may be due to the fact that this fish may instinctively catch relatively large objects moving in water.
Try special delicacies such as moon cakes and water caltrop during the day.
Water vegetation, particularly Trapa natans (water caltrop) or the water chestnut, thrives in ponds fertilized by night soil (human feces).
>50 species of freshwater crab and crayfish; freshwater habitats with stagnant or slow-moving water (ponds, aquaculture) Intestinal Fasciolopsis buski Water caltrop, water chestnut, flukes water hyacinth, water bamboo, duckweed, water mimosa, water spinach; drainage systems of pig farms, freshwater habitats with stagnant or slow-moving waters Echinostoma spp.
Water chestnuts, the root of the water caltrop, are actually a tuber that is crisp and white, and firm textured.