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an Asian buffalo that is often domesticated for use as a draft animal

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On the other hand, there had been quite a bit of local experimenting in Asian water buffalo as an alternate meat source.
The community also has an elephant called Valli, 10 ponies, 13 water buffalo, 12 goats, 40 cows and bulls, two llamas, 20 deer, about 300 poultry and waterfowl, more than 100 fish, five terrapins and more than 20 rabbits.
As a result of the countrywide Anatolian water buffalo improvement program, which was launched by the General Directorate of Agricultural Research and Policies of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011,the number of water buffaloes increased to 142 000 in 2016 (TUIK, 2017).
The driver of the other vehicle told him that the female motorcyclist had "just hit a water buffalo,' the news outlet reported.
The natural, honey-coated water buffalo dog treat line Honey I'm Home (https://honeyimhome.com/) continues their rapid expansion throughout the United States with the announcement of a distribution agreement with powerhouse Southeast Pet (http://www.southeastpet.com/).
Water buffalo (Bubalus bubalis) meat is different from beef meat since it contains low intermuscular fat, cholesterol, calories and high essential amino acids, biological value and iron [1-3].
Ideal for fast and opportunity charging applications, the Water Buffalo 300-gallon mobile watering supply waters a fleet of batteries 15 times more efficiently than a 20-gallon tank.
As with all leather products from Versacarry, the Element With Mag Pouch is handcrafted from premium, vegetable-tanned, water buffalo leather.
A total of 54 Anatolian water buffalo muscle tissue samples were collected after slaughtering and stored at -20AdegC in a deep freezer as far as molecular genetic studies are performed.
Dad says he will talk to Mum about it and later that day he returns home with a baby water buffalo. Although Erica knows it is a water buffalo she goes along with Dad's assertion that it is a dog, names it Shallow and treats it like a dog.
Since then, B?f Creamery has been working to elevate the mozzarella category by becoming the freshest and tastiest water buffalo mozzarella available in the U.S.
Turns out there are around 4,000 water buffalo in the country - and 3,000 of the Asian beasts can be found grazing along the banks of Lake Kerkini in Thessaloniki.
A BRITISH woman attacked by a rogue water buffalo on a Cambodian island has said she does not want the animal to "come to any harm".