water boatman

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carnivorous aquatic bug having paddle-like hind legs

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SHI Yanlong and his group from the College of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Key laboratory of Hexi Corridor Resources Utilization of Gansu Universities, Hexi University investigated the superhydrophobicity of the water boatman's hind wings.
The male water boatman rubs his penis or "genitalia appendage" against the uneven surface of his abdomen, like a wooden spoon against a washboard in order to make the loud noise.
the male water boatman hits 99.2 decibels - equivalent to hearing an orchestra from the front row - as it belts out its mating call.
"We went pond dipping and had a fab time," said Zoe Camplin (9), describing one of the group activities, "First, Alison showed us how to use a net and catch something like a water boatman, snail, caddis fly larvae and more.
Look for "Song of the Water Boatman" (pond life) and "Butterfly Eyes" (meadows).
"You are a water boatman. You skip along the surface of these troubled waters but your feet don't really go down through the meniscus.
With a boat for a body; oars for legs, a built-in scuba tank and wings that can propel it for five miles, a water boatman doesn't let a little thing like winter slow it down.
Young Lesser water boatman stares straight at me, one long pair of