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freshwater aquatic bird

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The Shannon index values varied between years due to direct changes of inter-annual water bird richness.
This region, a Ramsar site is also recognised as one of the most important African-Eurasian flyways for water birds in the world.
From the camera data, we classified water bird behaviors observed at the floats as either swim by/fly by, contact float, or on float/trapped.
Ms Johnson said: "Netting, fishing line and hooks are especially dangerous hazards and not just to water birds as this story proves, as the lines and netting especially can get blown into other animals' territories."
Azam et al., (2008) and (2009) recorded 23 and 30 water bird species, respectively, from the lake.
The declining population of water birds can be attributed to increasing habitat disturbance, said Hem Sagar Baral, senior ornithologist and coordinator of the Midwinter Water Bird Count.
* The Ngbandi say the heartbeat (Ndoko) is a water bird bobbing in
Water bird use of the wetland systems, especially a 25-ha crawfish impoundment unit, was continuously monitored from 1992 through 1998.
The approximate high water mark forms the boundary of an area listed in the Register of the National Estate by the Australian Heritage Commission, recognising the lake as one of the most significant water bird concentration areas in NSW.
The Asian Water Bird Census held last Saturday, was jointly conducted by the WBCP and the regional and provincial offices of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.
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The 24th Midwinter Water Bird Count, the longest-running monitoring of any wildlife conducted on an annual basis in Nepal, has put the total population of water birds from 83 species at 28,714 in 2010, while the number from 79 species was 30,144 in 2009.
Data collectionSix water bird surveys of one or two days duration were conducted from Ctober 2012 to April 2013 for each of the four reserves at intervals of 20 to 30 days (Table I).
The Annual bird census 2008 carried out by the park authorities found that 79 types of water bird species thronged the park this year.
Populations of internationally important water bird species in the UK have been getting smaller.