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water heater consisting of a tank or pipes set at the back of a fireplace or in the firebox of a stove

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Northwest Arkansas: 'Somebody Turned the Water Back On'
BOOTLE: A community arts centre has its heating and hot water back up and running thanks to the generosity of a building services firm.
Former subscriptions secretary, Andy Taylor, ,pictured, said: "We have already got the gas and water back on and the electricity is on its way.
A spokeswoman for Severn Trent said the burst water pipe had now been repaired: "The water supply was affected for a handful of our customers, but we managed to bring water in from another network of pipes so we could get everyone's water back on while we carried out the repairs.
But once the droplets enter the outward-spewing jets of gas, 180,000-degree-Fahrenheit (100,000-degree-Celsius) temperatures blast the water back into gaseous form.
The guide made it clear we need to stop overusing water for irrigation and put more water back into the river.
A spillway was built by army engineers to avert possible disaster which diverted the water back to its old route winding into the Gilgit river.
Perhaps WPD should now change tack and put the water back.
Village Farms uses a closed hydroponic system and recycles the nutrient rich water back through the greenhouse up to four times.
The Slurry Trap is a 20 gallon closed system that vacuums concrete/asphalt slurry, traps it in a reusable filter bag, and then pumps the filtered water back to the bit / blade for cooling.
3]/ hr of water back to a fresh state to be reused in the process, which the company says is the first such equipment to be used in a plastic bottle processing facility.
Now, don't you wish we had this product, instead of a filthy torn-out square of skivvy-shirt to "filter and purify" drinking water back in the Old Corps?
It's nice to see water back where it belongs: inside the taps, instead of across the streets and fields of the West Midlands.
Dubai: The world's largest upcoming single-site aluminium production facility in Abu Dhabi has embarked on the use of technology that will only emit waste water back into the ocean that is within a 1C temperature difference.