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water heater consisting of a tank or pipes set at the back of a fireplace or in the firebox of a stove

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One day Anna was behind the other children carrying her can of water back and she was alone with the cows, who frightened her.
Northwest Arkansas: 'Somebody Turned the Water Back On'
A net-zero energy installation produces as much energy onsite as it uses; a net-zero water installation limits the consumption of freshwater resources and returns water back to the local watershed; and a net-zero waste installation reduces, reuses and recovers waste streams, converting them to resources and thus creating zero landfill waste.
The long term answer has to be holding the water back in the river catchment areas, areas which need to retain their sponge like capacity to store water in times of heavy rain and releasing it slowly throughout the year so that water levels remain consistent.
A spokeswoman for Severn Trent said the burst water pipe had now been repaired: "The water supply was affected for a handful of our customers, but we managed to bring water in from another network of pipes so we could get everyone's water back on while we carried out the repairs."
'Think of it as internal skin care with whole-body benefits: lock water back into your cells and you'll look younger and live longer as well as smoothing cellulite.' DIMPLE BUSTER 1 Lecithin Your cell walls are made up mainly of lecithin, plus fats, so upping your levels helps make them water-tight.
Let's just say I was highly motivated to finish the job and turn the water back on so I could jump in the shower.
But once the droplets enter the outward-spewing jets of gas, 180,000-degree-Fahrenheit (100,000-degree-Celsius) temperatures blast the water back into gaseous form."
In addition, the company said Soil2O is an environmentally friendly potassium based product, which holds up to four hundred times its weight in water and slowly releases 95% of that water back into the ground.
The guide made it clear we need to stop overusing water for irrigation and put more water back into the river.
Perhaps WPD should now change tack and put the water back. It could then reopen the sailing school and use the reservoir for the only thing it is ever going to find for it.
Village Farms uses a closed hydroponic system and recycles the nutrient rich water back through the greenhouse up to four times.
Features of the project include a highly efficient underfloor air delivery system, sensor-controlled T5 lighting, operable windows, low-emitting materials, and extensively controlled daylighting, along with passive water harvesting, an underground cistern, and an outdoor porous paving system that allows the campus to reduce outdoor water use and direct water back into the community aquifer.
The Slurry Trap is a 20 gallon closed system that vacuums concrete/asphalt slurry, traps it in a reusable filter bag, and then pumps the filtered water back to the bit / blade for cooling.
Among the new equipment installed at Hemswell is a closed loop water processing system capable of recycling up to 15 [m.sup.3]/ hr of water back to a fresh state to be reused in the process, which the company says is the first such equipment to be used in a plastic bottle processing facility.