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Synonyms for watchword

Synonyms for watchword

a slogan used to rally support for a cause

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

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SURVIVE and thrive are watchwords for many businesses - especially during the current recession.
You would have guessed that a team managed by Zico must be a joy to watch, but organisation and solidarity are the watchwords for the Brazilian and this could end up being a dull encounter.
Honesty and decency were his watchwords and it was his respect for others which made it possible for him to bridge this country's divide.
Innovation, creativity and investment in pioneering great tasting organic bakery products are the watchwords for Cumbria's The Village Bakery.
"Tradition, imagination and innovation will be the watchwords of this administration," said Lifrieri, "and we will use that across the board to increase BOMA/NY's effectiveness--from representing our industry before elected officials and policy makers, to ratcheting up the take-away value of our seminars and workshops."
Called Fit4Kidz, it involves high-energy, 90-minute sessions of organised games and free play, where fun and participation are the watchwords.
For those working on the front line in Britain's cities, the watchwords are 'communication, communication and more communication'.
Quality and innovation were the watchwords as 159 Gold awards were issued at the New Tower Hotel, Swansea.
"Stopping fraud and abuse" have become the watchwords of federal government involvement in the country's healthcare programs.
Peter Cornish, of NSI, said, 'Value for money and consistency are the watchwords for British savers who are cynical about headline-grabbing rates believing that rates which are attractive one year will not be the next.'
The watchwords, perhaps, ought to be patience and hope that the heavens will deliver enough to see us through next summer.
Adopt luxury and style as your watchwords this festive season and make sure you are all glammed up and ready to go with the vast selection of gorgeous party wear currently available.
Read, mark and inwardly digest are the watchwords for this book and the rewards are a smoother running system.
Curators Astrid Wege and Hans-Christian Dany have articulated the theme by contesting the so-called New Economy, in which time is characterized by efficiency: As much work as possible must be completed in as short a time as possible; flexibility and mobility become the watchwords for success.
To shake Britain out of its apathy the Prime Minister needs to convince us that action and delivery will be the watchwords of Labour's second term.