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Synonyms for watchword

Synonyms for watchword

a slogan used to rally support for a cause

a secret word or phrase known only to a restricted group

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With the addition of Sideways8 and Watchword, Dragon Army extends its opportunity to support Fortune 500 as well as small-to-medium clients.
Education has been the watchword that has helped the Institute of Real Estate Management become an international powerhouse in the field of property management.
While some of the foundational structures of the republic were created during the age of the Roman kings, their behavior nevertheless eventually caused the word "king" to become a watchword for tyranny in the minds of many later Romans.
The Sedici also features a solidly built cabin where durability is the watchword with serviceable and hardwearing material.
In the young-adult literature market, the watchword for book marketing and for authors has been "relevance." Young adults, it was widely believed, want to read about contemporaries who are struggling with contemporary problems in contemporary settings.
As for the capital, "due diligence" is the foundation's watchword.
Moderation is usually a good watchword, and new research suggests that this holds true for people worried about fat.
"One hand for the ship, one hand for yourself" is an old watchword in the U.S.
Now, we need to adopt transparency as the watchword for our own rules and procedures.
In fact, the company's watchword, "Built on Service," was emphasized with the formal announcement that the company has established a new equipment sales and rental division.
Impenetrable is indeed the watchword. Burroughs closes this section with the chivalric tale of a frustrated lover galloping at top speed to break his lance against the facade of the house where his damsel is confined.
"Sticking together" was a watchword as Army and Navy port operators worked around-the-clock Dec.
Hybridity is the watchword of the seventy performances Murphy has slated for REDCAT'S first four months.
A dependable physician's primary watchword is "primum non nocere," first do no harm.