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an observation tower for a lookout to watch over prisoners or watch for fires or enemies

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He said the DC in capacity as land acquisition collector had issued the notification under Section 4 of the Land Acquisition Act for the public purpose of construction of a watchtower in Pehlawan Pul, Tehkal Payan, while the land of petitioners was illegally and forcibly occupied.
Allegedly, the abuser, identified as Humberto in the complaint, was appointed to the Congregation Elder position by Defendants the Watchtower and the Governing Body.
BEIRUT / RAS AL-NAQOURA: The Lebanese Army has begun preparing the ground to build a watchtower along the de facto border with Israel, weeks after Israeli forces constructed their own tower just meters away.
Daniel Varga of the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), said that the "remains of the settlement cover an area of about two dunams and include several structures and installations, such as the foundations of a large watchtower, baking facilities, ancient trash pits and an underground system that was probably used as a Jewish ritual bath (mikveh)."
27, and addressed to Bishop Precioso Cantillas of the Diocese of Maasin, NHCP chair Rene Escalante said the watchtower is a presumed important cultural property under the national heritage law of 2009 (Republic Act 10066) and 'must be protected from any modification or alteration.'
While the group was enjoying a trek to a waterfall at Esoy Spring, I went to visit Catmon's church, as well as a Spanish-era watchtower nearby.
In a relevant development earlier this month, the Iranian border guards repulsed a terrorist attack against a watchtower in the Southeastern province of Sistan and Balouchestan after heavy clashes with the militants.
data-para-count="229" data-total-count="399Iran'sIslamic RevolutionGuardsCorps (IRGC)said in a statement that the terrorist team from inside Pakistan attacked the watchtower belonging to the Iranian Border Guard at 01:30 a.
The coastal watchtower, which is located in the St Brides Wentlooge area of Newport, was bought semiderelict in 1987 by couple Frank and Danielle Sheahan, who gave up top London jobs to restore it.
Phil Bogucki * Vice President, National Accounts * Watchtower Security
Lesser said, "Hawkins Way Capital's flexibility, creative underwriting, and strong backing made them the perfect fit for these unique trophy assets, which were meticulously maintained over the years by Watchtower." Hawkins Way Capital's legal representation was Craig L.
That particular event, which was captured on tape, is of a three-way conversation between the army watchtower, the army post's operations room and the captain, who was a company commander.
NetherRealm held a Watchtower livestream ( on Twitch yesterday to fully show off the Red Hood in action in "Injustice 2." The livestream revealed that the Red Hood will rely on long-range attacks like Deadshot.