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The company has doubled down on its efforts to get people watching more videos in recent months.
Another source of productivity loss identified in the survey is late night game watching and after hours socialising.
I watch you as you lay sleeping I bent down to kiss your head Watching my little baby, all safe And tucked up in bed.
2 : to be on the lookout <I'm watching for a signal.>
The effect of watching R-rated movies was especially true for boys.
Through factor analysis, previous research has indicated that a single latent construct accounts for the majority of the variance in students' night-sky watching attitudes, interests, and self-reported behaviors (Kelly, 2003; Kelly & Kelly, 2003).
With people meters, only the shows you actually watch get counted." And regarding FOX's concern she explains, "All information is gathered every 2.7 seconds while they are watching."
With this ethos in mind, the annual national Neighbourhood Watch Week swings into action from June 12 to 19 with various events planned to promote the benefits of watching out for each other.
As Perkins says, it's not "like watching TV." Even so, students frequently call their parents to tell them what time to watch them dance.
The urban watching march of the sixteenth century, which shared with the court tournament procession the purpose of displaying military might and readiness, began increasingly throughout the sixteenth century to add pageants and morris dancers to their displays.
Even more striking: The study found that watching any sort of programming is enough to unleash the Hulk within.