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Synonyms for watchfulness

the condition of being alert

Synonyms for watchfulness

the process of paying close and continuous attention

vigilant attentiveness

References in classic literature ?
The escort and the universal watchfulness had completely isolated him.
At instants of momentary wakefulness he mistook a bush for his associate sentinel; his head next sank upon his shoulder, which, in its turn, sought the support of the ground; and, finally, his whole person became relaxed and pliant, and the young man sank into a deep sleep, dreaming that he was a knight of ancient chivalry, holding his midnight vigils before the tent of a recaptured princess, whose favor he did not despair of gaining, by such a proof of devotion and watchfulness.
And every night the three schooners and the nine boats made a chain of watchfulness that stretched across the lagoon from rim to rim, so that we could not escape back.
My watchfulness has been effectual; and though I certainly should be a more interesting object to all my acquaintances were I distractedly in love with him, I cannot say that I regret my comparative insignificance.
After more than half an hour of swaying immobility expressing a concentrated, breathless watchfulness, Dominic sank on the deck by my side.
Their confidence revived, they might in a short time remit in some degree their watchfulness over my movements, and I should then be the better enabled to avail myself of any opportunity which presented itself for escape.
But the watchfulness, instead of alarming the newly-landed man, appeared, on the contrary, to give him great joy, for his voice might perhaps have proved insufficient to rouse the people of the house, whilst, with an auxiliary of that sort, his voice became almost useless.
The same idea was at first entertained, that they were wolves; but their immovable watchfulness soon satisfied every one that they were Indians.
Her countenance, perhaps, might express some watchfulness; but the praise of the fine mind did not appear to excite a thought in her sister.
It was only due to the watchfulness of the lawyers that the birth of this new heir was ever made known.
The characters can endure their loneliness because of this humor, a streetwise resource in an environment where watchfulness is the key to personal survival.
The appropriate attitude toward the White House is neither reverence nor contempt, but watchfulness.
Nigeria's long aspiration to becoming member of international seed organisations such as the International Seed Testing Association (ISTA) and International Union for the Protection of New Plant Varieties (UPOV), International Seed Federation, Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD-Seed Scheme), Africa Seed Trade Association (AFSTA) is been realised under his watchfulness.
Espenilla told reporters that the statement of preparedness for another hike round basically reflects the BSP's continued watchfulness to determine whether recent policy action is sufficient to secure inflation's return to the target next year.
In England's innings, Alastair Cook had missed out on a 31st test hundred, disappointed to be trapped lbw by Morne Morkel for 88, but with a magnificent counter-attack combining watchfulness and remarkable power, Stokes delivered the performance The Oval merited in its 100th test.