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in a watchful manner


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While speaking, and afterwards, the lady kept watchfully between her and the staircase, as if prepared to oppose her going up, by force.
My aunt received this proposal so very ungraciously, that he never ventured on a second; but ever afterwards confined himself to looking watchfully at her for her suggestions, and rattling his money.
It made me tremble so to be thrown into this unaccountable agitation that I was conscious of being distressed even by the observation of the French maid, though I knew she had been looking watchfully here, and there, and everywhere, from the moment of her coming into the church.
A huge fire blazed in the opening of their rocky shelter that the prowling carnivora might be kept at bay; and always one man stood on guard, watchfully alert against a sudden rush by some maddened beast of the jungle.
All that time he glared at her watchfully as if expecting every moment to find in her deliberate movements an answer to his question.
The young adventurer was of pleasing presence, and moved serenely and watchfully. By daylight he was a salesman in a piano store.
Ben Mannering (16) was run out from a direct hit at 62-3, before Sam Stride and Aidan Pimm batted watchfully until the former was caught lbw with the score at 94 after 28 overs.
Your practitioner will watchfully lift and move your skin so that it undergoes an unfolding and folding action as the ENDERMOLOGIE devise moves all through it.
Pakistan needs to tread path thoughtfully and watchfully to prevent itself from its blowback.
However, the park only opens the gate at 5am even though the security guard is awake and watchfully sitting at the entrance gatehouse.
It is for this reason that and Nigerians should watchfully track their activities with the possibility of holding them accountable if the country should fail.
ARYNEWS BEIJING China has urged the United States (US) to act watchfully on blacklisting of Masood Azhar issue and avoid bypassing the relevant committee of the UN Security Council, Radio Pakistan reported on Friday.
Watchfully leading the tour --all visitors must be escorted at all times--Lercher marveled at the fact that seven months ago, Bold Team's gabled hightech greenhouses were just a vision in a soybean field.
Kohli started confidently smashing four drives to the boundary in his first 10 deliveries faced, before playing watchfully against some tight Australian bowling.
Head and Shaun Marsh watchfully dug Australia out of a hole, though, before the latter fell for 45 to a sharp Ajinkya Rahane catch at slip off Vihari.