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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist

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"Peta's expose of Hermes' suppliers in the US and Africa reveals that every Hermes watchband or Birkin bag means a living, feeling being experienced a miserable life."
At least that's the view of Montblanc's Alexander Schmiedt, who's developed an electronic watchband for Swiss luxury timepieces that tracks steps, reads emails and even helps take selfies.
The accompanying image shows a simulation of a watchband clasp, produced by Alliance in France, which has strict requirements for part appearance, which can be affected by particle segregation.
The basic version starts at $349 for the Sport, and between $549 and $1,049 for the midrange stainless steel model, depending on size and choice of watchband. Preorders for Apple Watch begin April 10 and they will ship starting April 24
The KidFit we tried out is a tiny black orb that fits inside an uncomfortable watchband. The instructions are laughably minimal.
Sydney, July 23 ( ANI ): Tech giant Apple has been granted patents which signal a smartwatch and a smart watchband.
Plus it looks fantastic, with multiple colorful dock faces to choose from, and a sleek, subtly patterned watchband available in white or black.
* I wear a watch with a rubber watchband so I can wipe it down each time I hunt.
He has reconnected with some of the music that he grew up listening to - Syd Barrett, The Stooges, The Seeds, Strawberry Alarm Clock and The Chocolate Watchband.
Old watch faces were used for the insides of the eyes, and the eyelashes were cut from the watchband. The mouth was created from the natural hole in the buffer, and outlined with beads from an old bracelet.
The calfskin watchband has visible red stitching and is attached to the case with a special insert system.
"A Confession," for example, begins with a kind of flirtation, hesitant, uncertain, expectant, in which the speaker is interrupted by a gleam of light reflected from the woman's watchband. Without transition, Panta moves into a prose description of a bureaucratic meeting, full of faked sentiments and forced diction, which is disrupted by a wild bird the group tries to ignore.
Indigenous designers and performing sacred ceremonies, not including the traditional waving of my turquoise watchband to the Four Directions, of course.
Then, the deputy saw the handle of a knife with the blade stuck under Billy's watchband.