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a vest pocket to hold a pocket watch


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For the gala occasion I had tucked into the watch pocket of my corduroy pants several explosives, about the size of a quarter, only thicker, known as Devil's Chalk.
You can add pockets: watch pocket, wrist pocket, biceps pocket.
The strips carry five or six .38/.357 rounds in a package that fits naturally in the business card pocket of an American-cut sport coat or suit coat, or watch pocket of a pair of jeans.
While it's cute and tucks handily away almost anywhere (including the otherwise useless watch pocket in my denim jeans), the standard Mini Revolver is awfully hard to shoot with any kind of accuracy, even at bifocal range.
The next year a silver watch with 'a china face with a steel single linked chain, a brass key, two seals', belonging to William Jennison a saddletree plater, was taken from his 'watch pocket in his breeches' at a public house in Ripon on a Tuesday evening in February.
To illustrate how watch fobs were used, Gene displays a fully dressed manikin in his toy room, complete with a fob hanging out of the pocket watch pocket in the overalls.
You can download a free Seafood Watch pocket guide or iTune App at
Nearly 200 partner organizations distribute Seafood Watch pocket guides.
I was at Kempton to watch POCKET ACES(2.25)win and Paddy Brennan gave him a peach of a ride, weaving him through the field late to go on to win by a couple of lengths.
Consumers can download and print out free Seafood Watch pocket guides to the "best choices" across six different regions of the U.S.--after all, what's abundant and sustainably harvested in your area may not be the same for someone across the country.
Other examples are watch pockets on jeans, plastic dinnerware made to look like stoneware (including the imperfections), and the consumer version of the Hummer, made to look like the original, but certainly not ready for the next war.
His pants were modified with two large, but hidden, watch pockets that held a brace of No.
Speed Strips carry well in spill pouches, watch pockets of jeans, and those little business card pockets inside the side pockets of many suit coats and blazers.
What is burned in my memory is on his trips to town, he always packed two .41-caliber Remington derringers in oversize watch pockets he had sewn especially into all his better trousers.