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a devotional service (especially on New Year's Eve)

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On Christmas Eve we go to the Watch Night service and my wife Gil sings in the choir.
For example, at the Howard you can enjoy three night's accommodation, full Scottish breakfast on Christmas Eve and Boxing Day, a continental breakfast hamper delivered to your room on Christmas morning, canapes and free-flowing champagne on Christmas Eve, transport to and from St Giles Cathedral's Watch Night service, a five-course Christmas Day lunch with wine, a late-night feast delivered to your room on Christmas Day evening, brunch and afternoon tea on Boxing Day.
Lots of people still practice this; some even employing boys leaving Watch Night services to be the first to step into every house on the block.
In 1974 he won both the Lady Dudley Cup (on Lake District) and the Lord Grimthorpe Cup (on Watch Night).
Here in this country, as I have traveled about this year, I have met so many people who have told me they normally don't go to church but that they will be at a watch night service on Christmas Eve, or morning worship on Christmas Day.
American Adhaan (October 2001): Watch night spilling on the western edge/of invisible, its cool surrender/to the peach-colored clouds (just water/that has lately collapsed/into form).//How violently natural/my petroliferous valley looks/in this faint, blue wash;/the slow, arc'd strokes/of a great egret's wings/deny the crude thickness/of this air.//The shattered world's particulates/fall everywhere around us;/the call to prayer means bowing/and facing them all.
Watch Night of the Living Dead every night in your hotel room until five in the morning Sleep in 'til 2:00pm
Watch night after night as the cap turns from "an unbroken waste of white," as astronomer Percival Lowell once called it, to a melting shelf of broken ices.
As you watch night slowly cover the countryside you imagine all sorts of things, usually brought on by a bad case of "back and forth" disease.
In the dozen chapters that follow, Westerfield Tucker pursues these themes through her examination of "regular" Sunday worship, various "special services" in the Methodist tradition (e.g., the Love Feast, the Watch Night Service, the Quarterly Meeting), liturgies and practices related to sacraments and rites of passage, the role of music, private and familial devotions, church architecture, and the roles played by various church "officials" charged with leadership roles.
The Hogmanay that once outshone Christmas now seems reduced to a thing of over-imbibing on the one hand and Watch Night Services on the other.