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winder consisting of a key with a square hole

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Thousands of militia soldiers have also been deployed to watch key infrastructure such as bridges, overpasses, railways and highway tunnels, according to the police bureau.
Relatives of the victims of the September 11 2001 attacks will, for the first time, be able to watch key suspects appear in a US military tribunal.
Although the watch itself tended to be concealed in a breeches' fob pocket, the decorative ribbon or chain used to pull it out was usually worn hanging below the waistcoat for all to see, often with seals and a watch key attached to it.
incidents during past big tournaments after drivers flock to pubs and social clubs to watch key matches on large screens.
They say it's a fact that there's always a increase in the number of drink driving incidents during international tournaments when drivers flock to pubs and social clubs to watch key matches with their mates.
The company reports that it is not uncommon for employees to press management with hard questions like: "Why is our stock price below Yoshimoto Kogyo's?" Nissan's Carlos Ghosn has made a particular effort to keep employees informed and involved in the company's fortunes, installing TVs where the production line stops in the factories--so employees can watch key presentations by top management figures.
ATTENDANCE 21,245 Stop Watch Key moments that made a difference 12 mins: 0-1, Cardiff City scored from the first real chance of match and it was the result of a flowing move which started with Graham Kavanagh near halfway.
WITH the World Cup looming and a 3pm kick-off for England's third group game on June 23, many employers will be considering what approach to take to allow their employees to watch key games during the working day.
They can watch key individuals closely, but all prisoners have basic rights to speak with each other.
Yet it will be important to watch key fundamental developments in tomorrow's infamous US Nonfarm Payrolls report.
Boss Jefferies was forced to watch key players leave because of a series of cost-cutting measures.
'There is plenty of opportunity for people to get information on television at home, or go to bars and clubs to watch key sporting and musical events.'
STAFF at a Warwick computer firm have got World Cup fever after their boss offered "time swaps" to let them watch key England matches next month.
Stop Watch Key moments that made a difference 1 min: Welshman Jason Koumas found space at the far post and was unmarked as Sean Thornton's cross fell to him.
We will instead watch key economic reports out of the US economy and subsequent implications for risky asset classes.