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short chain or ribbon attaching a pocket watch to a man's vest

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THE US Justice Department is to investigate the shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a neighbourhood watch guard following a day of protests over the incident.
Tender no: LT12101600 Description: QP intends to have maintenance and support services for its existing watch guard mail security firewall licenses with appliances at QP's Data Centre in RAA and extend its current licenses to the new disaster recovery site at Dukhan.
On HBO's "Game of Thrones," the men of the Night's Watch guard the ramparts of the Wall, a 700-foot-high ice barrier with a fortress on top, all of it generated in the computer and composited with the actors.
For those of us who believe that we do not have to watch guard over these pillars, I say look again.
A rail Phattak was installed while a watch guard was also been deputed in the wake of the incident.
At the castle drawbridge, I salute the watch guard who passes time reading the daily newspaper.
According to the head of the Nicosia Crime Prevention Unit Koulis Frangos, the owners of the mini-casino had put in place a number of measures to avoid police detection, including three closed circuit cameras and a watch guard outside.
Suddenly, I was no longer the dragon slayer of big orders, but more of a watch guard and protector of one of our company's largest assets.
In the Oman and Gulf Films Competition, the films to be shown at SQU at 8pm include Jirz (Omani), Watch Guard (Omani) and Soad (Omani).
Similarly, the project also benefited local community through creation of hundreds of jobs in initial stage and still around twenty to twenty five local persons are serving as watch guards of the forest.
The watchers - named in homage to the show's Night's Watch guards - will wear black cloaks and shields, and "will be on hand to answer visitors' questions about the series and sort the bloody fact from the even bloodier fiction", the charity said.
'As judicial watch guards, it is our role to ensure that as a court, the electioneering rules and guidelines are duly adhered to as the world watches and depend on the judiciary to ensure that the rule of law is strictly complied with in the country.