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laboratory glassware

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a protective cover that protects the face of a watch

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The dried embryos have been transferred on the watch glass and 2-3 drops of 50% acetic acid have been added on it and the pressing process with forceps has lasted for one minute.
The prepared TLC plate was placed in the developing beaker and covered with watch glass and left undisturbed until the solvent was about 0.5 cm below the top.
There's also the Dartington Crystal factory where you can watch glass being blown and pick up some really nice homeware.
An aliquot 10ml was centrifuged at 4,000 RPM for 20 minute and the microalgal biomass was placed in a preweighed watch glass. The biomass was dried in an oven at 60 [degrees]C for 12 h.
Due to the fragility of early watch glass, however, they were often smashed in the melee of the play.
Place a watch glass over Blend 1 and save it to re-evaluate in the context of the next blend.
The Morean Arts Center has just opened a 4,000-squarefoot glass studio with furnaces, kilns, studio space and seating for visitors to watch glass artists at work.
We took a 20-minute drive to nearby Sunderland, past The Stadium Of Light and to the National Glass Centre where you can watch glass blowing demonstrations or book one yourself, which I did.
There's also a glass-blowing museum and - uniquely - an area high on deck 15 where passengers can watch glass being made by hand using ovens heated to 2,300 degrees.
The testing of bite-in usually is done by applying a drop of the wet topcoat or repair paint or the solvent blend from the paint to the test specimen, then covering the spot with a small watch glass. After a given length of time {usually several minutes), the watch glass is removed, the paint or solvent is wiped off and the softening point or creep behavior of the treated specimen is measured (depending on the specimen size and the instrument used, this may require cutting small pieces from the test area).