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a protective cover that protects the face of a watch

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The ultra-low profile FX161 watch crystal comes in a standard tape and reel containing 3,000 pieces and is RoHS compliant.
The new watch crystal is RoHS-compliant and comes standard in a 3,000-unit tape and reel for automatic assembly systems.
Viewers can watch Crystal, Shari and all the contestant's performances from the beginning during a SUNDAY BEST marathon, Sunday, December 2nd from 1:00 p.
The ElanSC400 microcontroller features an integrated power management unit (PMU), five phase lock loops which generate all system clocks from a 32-Khz watch crystal, and fully static design for maximum battery life.
The VX9800 is the ideal device for users to stream news and sports video highlights on Verizon Wireless' V CAST service, download and watch crystal clear V CAST video clips from the hottest names in entertainment, or listen to favorite songs through the phone's MP3 player and stereo speakers.
Taking a lesson from the world of extremely low cost, low power 4-bit microcontrollers, the ARM7100 can be clocked from a 32KHz watch crystal for an extremely low power standby mode.
By the turn of the century, this technology may run on the surface of a watch crystal," said John Seybold, PhD.
A flexible clock system with five low-power modes enables unmatched ultra- low-power performance and complete operation using only a single 32-kHz watch crystal.
and it's still a joy to watch Crystal and Ryan drive each other crazy -- and then into each other's arms.
The entire clock system is driven by a single 32kHz watch crystal, which saves cost and reduces high frequency EMI, eliminating the need for a second high speed crystal.
All members of the MSP430 family also include a flexible digitally controlled clock generation system that allows operation without external components, a single watch crystal, a single high- speed crystal or two external crystals.
Sapphire substrates commonly used for watch crystals and optical viewports in the oil, industrial, aerospace, and military markets can all be easily treated with Aculon's sapphire treatment.