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a protective cover that protects the face of a watch

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This timer can run either from a 32 kHz watch crystal if high accuracy is needed, or from an internal RC oscillator for minimum parts count.
The most novel is a watermark built into the sapphire watch crystal (the transparent cover that protects the watch face) which is undetectable to all except the maker and its authorized distributors.
After reassembly, the watch technician will replace parts as necessary, including the mainspring, balance staff, jewels, stem, crown, watch crystal and back gasket.
The RTC incorporates an alarm and a programmable frequency clock output, and it uses a common 12 pF watch crystal.
When Claudio Ranieri disappeared the other day, it turned out he had taken himself off to watch Crystal Palace to check on Mikael Forssell, who is on loan there.
They will learn about leather at the famous Scuola de Cuoio (School of Leather), spend time with one of Italy's greatest coppersmiths, and watch crystal and glass being hand-blown by artisans with generations of experience.
But with his stricken side on the brink of crashing into League One, Irvine faces an even grimmer appointment tonight when he travels to London to watch Crystal Palace face West Brom.
Fox Electronics has released a miniature watch crystal that measures 7.