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short chain or ribbon attaching a pocket watch to a man's vest

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A BIRMINGHAM craftsman has added extra silver to the silver screen - by making four watch chains for new blockbuster movie Lincoln.
* The Stockton Minor Football League was won in the year 1910/11 by Stillington St Johns the players were awarded a silver medal to attach to their watch chains.
(Later in his career, Moreau's figures became so laden with sumptuous jewelry that Degas was led to quip that Moreau would have us believe even the gods wore watch chains.) Despite her undoubted wiles, the story has a happy ending: Oedipus correctly answers the riddle and the Sphinx throws herself off a cliff in despair.
Signet rings and fobs worn from watch chains were both originally used for the same purpose: impressing one's personal seal on wax when sealing letters.
Here are the ponderous family men, big-bellied in their waistcoats, their strained watch chains accentuating their girth, their bowlers on the back of their heads.
The CD-2800 will remove grease, dust or other contaminants from surfaces and cavities of small objects and parts such as lenses, glassware, stainless steel instruments, precision components, eyeglasses, watch chains, jewellery, circuit boards, CD/DVD disks, pen points, electric shaver heads etc.
The members of the New York State Wagering Board (prosperous-looking chaps with ruddy complexions and gold watch chains stretched over ample bellies if there's any justice in the world) are currently examining these bets to see if they can provide any clue to what happened on Breeders' Cup day itself.
Gone are the foppish suits and watch chains to be replaced by a more accessible, charity shop image.
"Six teens from Derry also retro-outfitted themselves for the occasion, the boys in suspenders, watch chains and hats, the girls in dresses and hairstyles reminiscent of the World War II era." ...
The auctions were very gentlemanly affairs - panelled auction rooms, a bit like the council chamber in our Town Hall - and the buyers in bowler and top hats, suits and waistcoats with gold watch chains.
The word "toys", in this sense, does not refer to children's playthings but to small articles of personal use and adornment, such as buckles, pendants, brooches, buttons, watch chains and chatelaines - the chains used for suspending useful domestic items from, like scissors, thimbles and keys.
Objects on show for the first time in Birmingham include gilt metal chatelaines and cut steel watch chains, these fashion trinkets are very rare and very few have survived.
The vesta cases were carried mainly by men, in waistcoat pockets or attached to watch chains.