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short chain or ribbon attaching a pocket watch to a man's vest

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HISTORIC TIES: Edvard Grieg carried his Scottish family 'crest' on his watch chain
Poirot has an obsession with symmetry so the whole collar shape balances with the moustache, there is the symmetry of the tie, the rather annoying asymmetry of a watch chain and how Poirot would handle that.
Also taken was costume jewellery, a SIM card, foreign currency, a gold star of David which belonged to the victim's late mum and a watch chain which had belonged to his grandfather.
Deprived of them, we must rely on the artist's shuffled deck of clues, which include a watch chain (the art dealer was famously punctilious), clasped hands, the slick parting of his hair, and thousands of brushstrokes evoking repeated glances back and forth, from artist, to sitter, to canvas.
"The policeman opens his lamp, and throws the light from his bull's eye on the cab, in the recess of which is seated a grey haired old man wearing a heavy gold watch chain, and a pair of gold pince-nez spectacles.
Les Lansdowne, the costume designer, noticed that other gentleman of the age would have just one watch chain, but Sir Arthur had two and so did the King.
He cut a flamboyant figure in his trademark trilby, Edwardian three-piece suit and watch chain. He was a brilliant speaker and his wit served him well in politics.
Also of special note in the design is the watch chain crafted in black ceramic, designed like a nautical chain and attached to the case by a skeletonized element shaped like the characteristic crown protection of Panerai's Luminor watches.
Watch Chain can go close in the 32RedBet Claiming Stakes at Southwell.
The popular Swiss watch chain now occupies a featured position between Hollister and Uniqlo on the ground floor of the iconic, 41-story office tower.
The Titan Flagship combines the award winning Titan Flagship store format & HELIOS - Titan's premium multi-brand watch chain with over 30 international brands.
Unfortunately McCabe's third purchase from the same Tattersalls sale, Watch Chain, could manage only fifth in the 5f handicap behind runaway winner We'll Deal Again.
The rarely seen watch chain was now in plain view, leading the kids to think that they were about to see the watch.
The sixgun hanging from a watch chain sounds like Doc Holliday, but he and Wyatt were reportedly in Colorado at the time.