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the metal case in which the works of a watch are housed

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In 1919, Wilsdorf left England due to wartime taxes levied on luxury imports, as well as export duties on the silver and gold used for the watch cases driving costs too high and moved the company to Geneva, Switzerland, where it was established as the Rolex Watch Company.
The new GD-X6900CM and the GD-120CM watches are based on earlier Casio GD-X6900 and GD-120 models, respectively, both of which boasted impressively large watch cases. The newly released G-Shock models are completely finished in camouflage patterns, including the band, case, and watch face.
The fusion between these two types of links forms a finely balanced and wellA[degrees]proportioned ribbon, making a perfect fit with the strong lines of the Hawk Collection's watch cases. The bracelet closes easily with a secure folding clasp and features a micro adjustment system.
A historic building located at 1-5 Bond Street, the Robbins & Appleton building has 20 units and was converted to condominiums in 1987 after previously being used to manufacture watch cases. It was designed by architect Stephen Decatur Hatch in the Second Empire style.
Even new watch band orders can be affixed to watch cases that have been mailed-in to the company's headquarters.
12 April 2012 - Swiss watchmaker The Swatch Group Ltd on Thursday said it was buying full control of Delemont-based premium watch cases manufacturer Simon Et Membrez SA from current owners Philippe Membrez, Etienne Membrez and Didier Membrez.
Using platinum or 18 carat white and yellow gold, the watch cases and straps were embellished with precious gemstones in designs which, if you''ll pardon the pun, remain timeless.
From now on, the public will know where its new highest court sits--in a refurbished Middlesex Guildhall on Parliament Square; they shall be better able to see the judges at work and, in a first for any court in England and Wales, watch cases broadcast on television.
They are then sized to fit the watchcases; the original artworks are never destroyed, and the only watch cases she uses are those with nonworking movements.
"He was the first man in India to go to Tokyo, Japan, in 1969 and learn about watch-making techniques at the Citizen company - the craft of watch cases and straps.
Still, the Judicial Watch cases fueled suspicion that Lamberth was in cahoots with the "vast right-wing conspiracy" to bring down the Clinton administration, and that he was somehow getting all the Klayman cases through nefarious means.
Lacher GmbH in Pforzheim, Germany, molds watch cases out of Arboform.
Other industries are small; manufacturers of watches, clocks, watch cases, and parts, for example, employed fewer than 8,000 workers in 1996.
"Housed in 316L stainless steel watch cases and adorned with the finest dial finishing techniques, each model in the SISTEM51 IRONY collection is unequivocally handsome from the front, but turn one over, and that's where its true magic is revealed.
This innovative piece is built around moveable lugs that allow a wearer to incorporate different watch cases of different sizes into the design.