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the metal case in which the works of a watch are housed

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The functionality of the watch case of power-driven:
The Versace watch case is comprised of stainless steel with gold-plating and is decorated with the trademark Versace etching.
He had noticed he had the watch, which looked like an ordinary nickelplated pocket watch case when closed - but when he opened it he found it actually contained a tiny camera
2010 $20,400 This watch has an 18kt solid white gold dial, accompanied by a watch case, crown, pushers and caseback made of platinum.
uk/brands/zenith-watches/el-primero ), which is still the world's most accurate series-produced automatic chronograph movement, despite the fact it first found a home in a watch case in 1969, well before the dawn of computerisation.
Entrants can choose their design from nine briefs including gift packed jewellery and a metal watch case.
Additional round brilliant diamonds line the top cover of the watch case capped with a virtually scratch-proof sapphire crystal.
Among the company's innovations are the first waterproof watch case and the first self-winding wristwatch.
USPTO grants allowance to Sensorstream for its circular smart watch case design, commercially dubbed "Pi"; Founder Tom Rapko believes smart watch adoption rate will rival all previous consumer electronics, aims "to put a computer on every wrist.
One of the highlights of the exhibit will be the machining of a watch case to demonstrate the simultaneous 5-axis high-precision machining capabilities of the new 408S2 Willemin-Macodel machining center, which is also offered with a 4,000 RPM turning option.
LVMH began working with Liquidmetal Technologies last year to develop a watch case for LVMH's premium TAG Heuer brand.
The full PPI Rx Price Watch case study is available at http://www.
The watch case, with its 46-millimeter diameter, is made of black high-tech ceramic; the crown, push-buttons and back cover are made of matte grey titanium.
The Joss watch case design is a major breakthrough -- a design which equals or surpasses the quality of existing casings at an 80% reduction in cost.