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the metal case in which the works of a watch are housed

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With distinctive details on the dial and watch case, the twotone baguette top ring sits proudly on top of the striking dial decorated with vertical stripes.
The two sides of the watch case itself are cut directly from a block of carbon fibre used in motor racing, employing the exceptional technical and aesthetic qualities of this high-tech Formula One material.
The beautiful, fully transparent glass watch case safely houses the "suspended" Miyota mechanical skeleton movement, which has the remarkable, attention grabbing appearance of floating in the centre of the fully sealed, water tight air space.
And we're seeing more and more gents' watches - however, featuring subtle diamonds on the hour markers, instead of the watch case being adorned in them."
Although the watch case resists light scratches quite comfortably, it falls upon the user to not be too rough with the watch, in which case, it does show slight scratching at the back.
With this watch, IWC pre-sented a watch case made of titanium aluminide and reaffirmed its reputation as the mate-rials pioneer in the watchmaking industry.
PS8.99 (each) Fashionistas JEWELLERY ERYER AND WATCH CASE A great way of keeping jewellery or watches neat, tidy and easily accessible.
The mechanism is protected by a crown- like appurtenance on the left hand side of the watch case. " It ensures that the watch is protected from saltwater and dirt, while also enabling precise to the minute adjustment of the rotating bezel to set zero hour," he explains.
A watch case made from metal would act as a shield between the outside world and the circuits inside.
Caption: The alligator strap softens, ever so slightly, this glamorous and sexy watch case. Especially when contrasted to the power-player gold metal links of the 1982 model, "the alligator band, on the beach, communicates something a bit more casual," Winter said.
With tears in his eyes, Jack pointed to the woman on the right of the photo from my father's watch case: "This is my sister," he said.
Watch case is made of titanium and sapphire glass -they are strong enough and can work under water, at a depth of up to 30 meters.
The watch case is cushioned against a smart interchangeable silk strap / bracelet.
The new model, which features Ascher-cut diamonds in the top and bottom parts of the watch case, will go on sale for 1.5 million yen at major department store chains and Credor-Ascher outlets across Japan in mid-October, Seiko Watch said.
"A local servicer may not have the proper tools, materials, and/or expertise [to do something like change] the watch case's rubber gaskets, which keep it waterproof.