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a knitted dark blue wool cap worn by seamen in cold or stormy weather

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However, officers wanting to wear a watch cap with the sage green fleece must now have their name, rank and service designator tapes affixed to the fleece effective immediately.
Besides leaving my liner in the PR shop, I also left a watch cap and some chemical hand-warmers there as well.
Soldiers may wear their black knit watch cap and black leather gloves with inserts during outdoor PT in cold weather.
Hat - wool or acrylic watch cap to prevent loss of body heat.
Wear a hat with knit ear cuffs, either a stocking cap or short-billed watch cap.
Schiff chose ``At the Bar,'' with its lone sailor wearing a blue watch cap against a vibrant yellow and rust-colored background.
Police described him as a white male about 5 feet 11 inches tall, 140 pounds and wearing a black watch cap, black hooded sweatshirt, black jeans and black leather gloves.
Police cracked the case through a tip relayed by the National Enquirer, leading them to the gun and a watch cap that the witness said Markhasev had worn that night.
The watch cap has been identified as a piece of evidence,'' Williams said.
He wore a black watch cap and dined on Milky Ways and Cokes.
Kempainen, accustomed to bitter Minnesota winters, kept warm with a watch cap, gloves and a long-sleeve shirt, and his prancing stride never wavered until he got sick.
In Nut/Cracked, the group wears sweats, muscle shirts, and red and green watch caps.
Both wore black watch caps and baggy pants, according to police reports.
Coming soon: more apparel, including Razorfish watch caps, and