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a knitted dark blue wool cap worn by seamen in cold or stormy weather

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Leo spent most of his time in the reading room at Butler, picking up girls over cigarette breaks, wearing flannel shirts and watch caps, his hair and beard ever more wooly.
However, officers wanting to wear a watch cap with the sage green fleece must now have their name, rank and service designator tapes affixed to the fleece effective immediately.
Maqroll, in short, is an anachronistic, perhaps Byronic, surely Conradian outlaw who comes straight out of the mists of European romanticism, a knight errant with a duffel bag over his shoulder and a watch cap on his head, whose only home is the road he travels; the destination, for him, is of little relevance and less importance, as Maqroll himself says when speaking of caravans.
The census of 1881 shows the publican was a watch cap maker called John Miles who lived here with his wife and daughter.
Although some commanders discouraged its use in its usual form, as it might affect the ability to hear an enemy, when rolled up in the fashion of a navy watch cap it was comfortable, warm and convenient.
Besides leaving my liner in the PR shop, I also left a watch cap and some chemical hand-warmers there as well.
Soldiers may wear their black knit watch cap and black leather gloves with inserts during outdoor PT in cold weather.
The man, hunched over in a dusty black jacket and watch cap, reveals little more than his nape and ears.
Hat - wool or acrylic watch cap to prevent loss of body heat.
Wear a hat with knit ear cuffs, either a stocking cap or short-billed watch cap.
Schiff chose ``At the Bar,'' with its lone sailor wearing a blue watch cap against a vibrant yellow and rust-colored background.
Then, for the sake of survival, he strips off his haute bourgeois trappings (in public, as if performing a rite of expiation) and pulls on the floppy duds and watch cap of the Urban Underclass.
Offering comprises the production and distribution of uniforms for Danish Police, including representative uniforms for men and women, coveralls, patrol jacket with detachable lining, pants for emergency and patrol, rainwear, pullover, slip-over, sweater with zipper, knitted scarf, knitted hat, T shirt, shirts for ladies and gentlemen, polo shirts, thermal underwear with flame retardant properties, uniform cap, watch cap, uniform tie / security ties, gloves and leather belt.
Police described him as a white male about 5 feet 11 inches tall, 140 pounds and wearing a black watch cap, black hooded sweatshirt, black jeans and black leather gloves.
Police cracked the case through a tip relayed by the National Enquirer, leading them to the gun and a watch cap that the witness said Markhasev had worn that night.