wasting disease

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involving the lungs with progressive wasting of the body

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The department held its first chronic wasting disease forum earlier this month in Marshall County.
Chronic wasting disease: an evolving prion disease of cervids.
Detection of bias in harvest-based estimates of chronic wasting disease prevalence in mule deer.
"He has suffered from the muscle wasting disease for the past nine years,' said Mr Justice Haddon-Cave.
In mid-August, the province extended a ban on feeding deer, elk and moose in western Manitoba to Aboriginal hunters to better control the threat of chronic wasting disease. Officials say the ban was enacted after consultation.
Myoteca[euro](tm)s MT-102 is a dual action anabolic catabolic transforming agent (ACTA) in phase II clinical development that treats cachexia, a wasting disease that is the direct cause of death in 20-40% of all cancer patients.
Washington, Sept 9 (ANI): New research in mice suggests that the wasting disease associated with some cancers that is typically seen affecting skeletal muscles can also cause significant damage to the heart.
PENNSYLVANIA IS CONSIDERING a ban on the use of deer urine by hunters out of fear it could spread chronic wasting disease. Pennsylvania Game Commission wildlife veterinarian Dr.
I was reminded of it just now, as I finished the article in National Parks magazine about elk in danger of chronic wasting disease because of the lack of wolves and easy access to food ["The Refuge," Winter 2007]
"Every one of the animals that has died of natural causes or was harvested has had their brains tested for chronic wasting disease," Dunbar said.
Potter and his team will use a patented vaccine system that has proven effective when it is necessary to vaccinate against a naturally occurring protein produced by the host organism, as is the case with diseases like BSE in cattle and chronic wasting disease in deer and elk.
Sixty of 76 deer killed at a Wisconsin game farm earlier this year tested positive for chronic wasting disease (CWD), reports The Capital Times.
The Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife is seeking the help of deer and elk hunters in checking for chronic wasting disease in Oregon.