wasting away

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a decrease in size of an organ caused by disease or disuse

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The government has been so unperturbed by the fact that we are wallowing and wasting away at home.We have wasted a whole semester at home doing nothing.
I think I might look pretty smart in gear like that - and it would silence all those who keep urging more exercise than I've done in years to stop me wasting away.
22 ( ANI ): Formula One legend Michael Schumacher has reportedly lost 25 percent of his body weight and is wasting away after months, as he has yet failed to recover from his induced coma.
It is not as if SWP owed Chelsea some great debt of loyalty, having spent three years largely wasting away on the sidelines at Stamford Bridge.
THE MAIN suspect in the Michaela McAreavey murder probe is 'wasting away' in prison, his worried family claimed yesterday.
When there's no food on the table and people are wasting away, there's little one won't do to stop it.
2 : to lose or cause to lose weight, strength, or energy <His muscles were wasting away from lack of use.>
Music educators can help counter this terrible condition of the "wasting away" of our young people.
There had been reports of extraordinary excesses: a $6,000 shower curtain, a 40th birthday party on the Island of Sardinia, and even a private performance by singer-songwriter Jimmy Buffet, whose lyric "Wasting away again in Margaritaville" is ironically appropriate here.
Launched by Envirowise, the free savings calculator is part of a campaign to encourage office-based businesses to put profit back into the business rather than seeing it wasting away.
All these groups and others experience muscle atrophy, the wasting away of muscle fiber.
My vote will go to the first party that promises to build more decent prisons and to educate inmates about a better way of life, instead of wasting away in old decrepit jails full of drugs.
GUTTERIDGE is moved by the number of buildings in the area that are wasting away. His photos show the melancholy nature of their demise and the beauty of their decline.
I would like to comment on Kathy Etling's article, "Wasting Away Again in the West" (Expeditions, June).
Near my home in the Pacific Northwest, I watch the slowly melting glaciers, and in the Andes, have rephotographed 65-year-old images of great glaciers to show them wasting away. Along the coasts, I have seen rising tides and heavy storms erode beaches.