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Synonyms for wastefully

to a wasteful manner or to a wasteful degree


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The pace of the game had been frantic, but the balmy conditions meant play began to slow, and Southport chances became fewer, although Sampson wastefully headed over from a corner when unmarked.
Workers have decided to use their Christmas card budget on the mission, instead of spending the cash wastefully.
Three minutes later the Portugal international wastefully side-footed a clever Rooney cut-back wide of Turnbull's left-hand post.
The away side should have led by two at the break but Steven Doris wastefully headed wide from six yards and then Verlaque nodded a Mark Lamont free-kick against a post.
But it's also the tipping point at which ordinarily-sane people start excitedly shoving loads of berries into Pimm's or wastefully squeezing cubes of pineapple into expensive champagne.
Every year, around 140 billion cubic meters of natural gas produced together with oil is wastefully burned or "flared" at thousands of oil fields around the world.
When Blackburn eventually warmed up, Tom Cairney curled a shot wide, Craig Conway fired just past the post and Ben Marshall wastefully headed wide.
Hasselbaink's men should have been level on the stroke of half-time, but Matty Palmer wastefully fired over from eight yards.
Leslie presents the idea that although curiosity is associated by society with weirdness, danger, and wastefully luxurious, developing curiosity within oneself and oneAEs children actually garners rewards such as innovation, collaboration, and entrepreneurialism and is highly worthy of investment.
Macedonia spends energy very irrationally and wastefully. Its power consumption per unit of social product is 3.5 to 4 times higher than the average use in the EU member states.
He said: "The Raw Beauty conference has two purposes: to reduce or remove the prejudices that some people have, by explaining its origins and intentions, and to examine how redundant Brutalist buildings can be viably reused, instead of being wastefully demolished as the Central Library will be."
It's a big and beefy engine for a comparatively modest sized car so it performs well from standstill, pulls eortlessly irrespective of load and its has su"cient exibility not to keep wastefully changing gear, so our 42mpg average was easily and eortlessly attained.
In the video titled 'Michelle Obama, We Need to Talk', several little girls are "hopping mad about animal abuse in the egg industry" and urge the First Lady to "think about the ramifications of wastefully using thousands of hens' eggs every year in the White House Easter Egg Roll", the Washington Times reported.
This process produced a lot of heat, wastefully discharged to air.
But Brunt did neither, instead blazing wastefully over.