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a container with an open top

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Tilt the dustpan and scoop all litter into the wastebasket. The yaya must practice first before demonstrating to her alaga silently.
"You cannot just say that the NFA will have no more role in the importation because that would effectively throw away the mandate of the NFA into the wastebasket. Luluwagan namin 'yung importation pero meron pa ring mga prosesong susundin (We will just make it easy but there will still be a process to follow)," he added.
Chief Gauthier said Saturday that the fire started in a plastic wastebasket in the garage.
There will be 10 collections in all in this line, each including a wastebasket, a tumbler, a toothbrush holder, a soap dish, a lotion pump and a covered jar Bacova will also introduce new styles to its Jessica Simpson bath rug assortment.
It also advised them to cover their nose and mouth with a disposable tissue and dispose the used tissues immediately in wastebasket. It is worth mentioning that the first case of Coronavirus was recorded in September 2012.
paisley wallpaper, beer cans in your dorm wastebasket, boyfriends, med
Please remove my name from your subscription rolls so that I don't need to immediately wastebasket all future issues.
Never dispose of ash or cigarette ends in a wastebasket containing other rubbish ?
ory is based on celebrated writer Guy de Maupassant's ovel, but feels like a yarn t Maugham would have nto the wastebasket. Amid zy Parisian apartments, mping men and laborious oom chatter is the slightest .G The story is based on celebrated French writer Guy de Maupassant's second novel, but feels like a yarn Somerset Maugham would have thrown into the wastebasket.
An Emirati school director [who happened to be at the clinic] claimed she saw money in the restroom's wastebasket. "I took out the money and walked out of the bathroom, while I spoke to my daughter, the suspect came to me and took the moneya she claimed that she would hand it to the management.
According to a report in Discovery News, the reactor is about the size of a big wastebasket.
It is worth mentioning that the Company installed trial samples of road furniture in Abdul Men'em Reyad St., that included a bus station, a wastebasket, an advertising board in the middle island of Mecca St., and a bench in Al Wakalat St.
The 337 items, ranging from a wastebasket (!) to an antique camera obscura, collected a total of $2.5 million (17.7 million Swedish kroner).
A longtime teacher of creative writing at UK universities presents a guide that defines basic terms used in writing fiction and includes techniques that may save a writer's story from the wastebasket. The cross-referenced entries, from 'absurd literature' to 'writer's block,' include suggestions on how to effectively convey subject matter or achieve special effects; citations of works which illustrate good practice in these techniques (e.g., personification in Orwell's novel Animal Farm); and legal/ethical terms such as 'plagiarism' and 'permissions.' The guide includes further reading and Websites but lacks an index.