waste-paper basket

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a container with an open top

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"I ran into the bathroom, got the waste-paper basket, filled it with water and threw the water over the man.
These may include anything from a waste-paper basket placed near a heater to potential sources of fire that are not correctly marked as dangerous.
The last time Mr Meek saw the letter was when he put it in a waste-paper basket at Castlehead High in Paisley, where he works.
To have sustained the effort for almost twenty-five years, producing the definitive waste-paper basket of a polymath shows unparalleled determination.
Catherine thinks this, as she looks down from the tower on an unlovely city full of glass boxes, one of them looking like "a gigantic waste-paper basket emerging from a purple crate." As she is thinking how graceless it is, however, a young man near her surprises her by saying, "How I love this city." When he asks in conversation, "Who is like God?" she recognizes who he is--for that is what the Hebrew word "Michael" means.
In the final scene, Lisa Kudrow's character, Phoebe, finds the results of a pregnancy test in the waste-paper basket.
It should never have been written, but, once written, after a night's sleep it should have been put straight in the waste-paper basket.
Sabitzer went home on the next plane, leaving his contract screwed up in Smith's waste-paper basket.
I emptied two wicker waste-paper baskets and very carefully allowed the bird to come out into one basket, I then put the other one on top and carried the makeshift cage to the rear of the office as far as possible from the door One of my colleagues rang the store manager and asked that he hurry before it escaped again as it was demolishing the cage by biting it