waste of time

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the devotion of time to a useless activity

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A little over 50 per cent of the respondents were against abolishing homework, saying it has its own benefits, while the rest regarded it as a waste of time.
Opposition: New Syria talks 'waste of time' without transition "A third round without talking about transition would be a waste of time," opposition spokesperson Louay Safi told reporters in Geneva, after a week of negotiations ended with no date set for new talks.
If not, jot down a few words about what you did (e.g., "waste of time to meet with Joe; he doesn't listen").
Calling Johnson's stint in the whitewashed India Tests as a 'waste of time', Hughes said that it is disappointing that the team had taken more than necessary players to India, adding that Johnson's time in India was one of the reasons behind his not getting selected for the Ashes squad.
On the US study that says homework is a waste of time: So they did this study that confirmed there is "no relationship between working hard at home and better grades".
BEIRUT, Sha'ban 11, 1433, Jul 1, 2012, SPA - Syrian opposition groups have rejected a U.N.-brokered peace plan for a political transition in Syria as ambiguous and a waste of time.
Summary: Deputy Hezbollah leader Sheikh Naim Qassem said Tuesday that policies not directed toward resisting Israel are a waste of time and help the Jewish state.
Accepted practice or waste of time and money?" Below are excerpts of some of the discussion points:
It's a massive waste of time, not to mention an obscene waste of cash.
Calls for making Beirut a weapons-free city are a waste of time, Ghassan Hajjar, AN NAHAR's managing editor, said in his column on Tuesday.
06 AUGUST 2010 NUKUALOFA (RNZI) -- A Tonga pro-democracy MP says a Royal Commission of Inquiry being set up to clear the government of allegations that its interfered in the judiciary is a waste of time.
I am sorry, but this really is a waste of time. Railings will not keep wrong-doers out of the park at night.
"The aphorism is a brief waste of time. The poem is a complete waste of time.
Both Birminghamand Celtic have been linked with the player in the media but the Blues' chief insists any approach for the forward would be a waste of time.
But I think any apology for Pinochet is both unproductive and a waste of time. I think Allende was removed, and Pinochet installed, because that was what Nixon and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) wanted.