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The waste matter, which is secreted with sweat, has to be removed by daily washing to eliminate odor and feel fresh and clean.
Plans are to irrigate the cane fields with reclaimed waste water, and fertilize with organic waste matter extracted from rum processing.
More than 1.5 million cubic feet of the waste matter flattened everything in its path - claiming the lives of 144 people - 116 of them children.
The board has also recommended that all the factories discharging industrial effluents should transmit online data of their waste matter quality to pollution control boards both at the Centre and state.
The Jenin Solid Waste and Environmental Management Project is now serving the entire northern West Bank, tripling its coverage of the population from 200,000 to 600,000 people, covering Jenin, Nablus, Tulkarem, and Qalqilia governorates, as well as temporarily handling waste matter from Ramallah and Al-Bireh cities in the central West Bank, whose dump sites were ordered closed.
Wellenberger said when visiting groups arrive at the center, a volunteer guides them on a detailed tour during which they are shown how wind, sun and water, and even waste matter, can be recycled.
All of this becomes organic waste matter, much of which can be turned into rich crumbly compost to feed our soil and garden plants.
Urine contains waste matter from the blood, as well as minerals which are flushed from the body through its excretion.
Molecular Rebar are discreet, open ended, highly functionalised CNTs that are free from catalysts and waste matter and are demonstrated to advance the science and applications for nanomaterials, it added.
Traces of active ingredients were detected up to 25km from where the waste matter was discharged into the sea from the treatment plants.
Through a combination of decay and excretions from fish that eat theNiiiii plants, waste matter generates ammonia to continue the cycle.
He told his Pakistani friends that methane formed by decaying organic waste matter is used as a fuel worldwide.
Abu Dhabi: In a world facing a dwindling store of non-renewable energy sources, one of the most effective forms of attaining sustainability comes about when waste matter is used to generate power.
Rubbish being dumped along with organic waste matter included car parts, plastic bottles, metals and rubble, among with other items.
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