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It has also decided that minimum fee would be charged from these outlets and a campaign would also be launched for the awareness of the people so that risk factor from medical waste material could be reduced.
In a statement late Thursday, the EPA said samples from 14 different areas "confirmed the protective cap had been damaged and the underlying waste material was exposed.
The landowner says there was far more waste material brought to the site than requested and that he is in discussions with the company who delivered it about the removal of the contaminated section, which is about 7,000 cubic metres.
She sang about being a Material Girl and I suppose I've made her into a Waste Material Girl," said Davina, who has completed a 10-week mat-making course organised by New College Durham at Clay-port Library in the city.
The program began with 100 people in Banda Aceh, who were hired to start collecting and sorting the various waste materials and scrap strewn everywhere.
The dense plug of residual waste material can be discharged into any type of bin or container.
And finally, it's good for the environment as an alternative and cost effective way of disposing of waste material.
Waste material that otherwise might be trucked off to the landfill or flushed down the sewer holds real potential as an additive in a German-developed process to produce methane gas used to generate heat and electricity.
The transport system also moves the sawdust from cutting the boards back to our heat energy plant that burns waste material.
The legislation mandates that 50% of trash and waste material be recycled.
Removal of cotton gin waste material is estimated to cost $4 million to $6 million annually.
The facility achieved the honor for turning a nonhazardous waste material, quenched cupola slag, into a resource.
She also fears these earthquakes could break open a pond that Crowne Butte wants to build to store toxic waste material from the mine.
Contract notice: Call for Quotes for the Hire of Skips and the Provision of Collection and Disposal of Waste Material from Malta Enterprise Corporation and Kordin Business Incubation Centre.
Total revenue from selling recyclable dry waste material taken from separating stations of sources in all eight districts in Ahvaz during the first six month in 2008.
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