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Synonyms for wassail

a punch made of sweetened ale or wine heated with spices and roasted apples

Related Words

celebrate noisily, often indulging in drinking

propose a toast to

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As time moved on, during and after Henry VIII's reign, in the vaulted halls of the Northumberland castles the senior steward would fling wide the doors, then, bearing aloft, the vast bowl of Wassail would enter the great hall and initiate the Yuletide festivities by crying, three times: "Arise gentlemen, and hail the Royal Wassail!"
of Hood River OR, has fielded its Wassail once again this fall.
You can just hear her wailing: "But I'm the nation's sweetheart, I am!" Cheryl stands accused of favouritism and, in some quarters, even racism, for choosing stick insect Cher Lloyd and peculiar Katie Wassail over talented Gamu Nhengu.
There will also be entertainment from wassail singers.
THE sun shone and the cider flowed for a traditional winter wassail yesterday.
DOVEHOUSE THEATRE, Kineton Green Rd, Olton, Solihull 0121 706 7139: Cinderella by Sarah Thomas (till Dec 5); A Christmas Wassail (Dec 12).
ACROSS: 1 Bethlehem: 6 Midwinter: 11 Gathering; 16 Lourdes; 17 Realms of glory: 18 Pattern; 19 Hidden; 21 Piquant; 22 Stamina; 24 Visual; 25 Rigid; 27 Angel; 28 Zero; 29 Reincarnate; 31 Helm; 32 Cheated; 33 Expound; 35 Ragout; 37 Althing; 39 Yeoman; 41 Whiskey; 42 Grooved; 44 Alopecia; 45 Pre; 47 Disorder; 49 Cinema; 50 Quebec; 52 Peculation; 53 David's city; 54 Gnarliest; 56 Awry; 57 Frosty; 58 Errata; 59 Thee; 61 Pantomime; 65 Inspissate; 67 Scaredy-cat; 68 Sprain; 69 Notice; 70 Gridiron; 72 Get; 74 Reindeer; 75 Wassail; 77 Carried; 78 Manage; 80 Capitol; 81 Ingrid; 83 Sitwell; 85 Heroine; 86 Sock; 88 Earth-hunger; 89 Ewes; 91 Ahead; 93 Scrub; 95 Lament; 96 Lockers; 97 Slainte; 98 No crib; 102 Teach-in; 103 Joy to the world; 104 Ninthly; 105 Eiderdown; 106 Dot matrix; 107 Enwrapped.
"Our amber has been a favorite among craft beer afficionados in the Northwest for years, and it has been consistently recognized by professional judges at competitions and tastings, which is a testament to our commitment to quality." Silver medals were awarded to Full Sail IPA, Pale Ale, Wassail and Old Boardhead Barley Wine.
Brandon Marsh Nature Centre in Coventry celebrates the importance of the orchard today with a traditional family Wassail.
EVIL spirits will be frightened away at an historic ceremony to wassail the trees in the orchard of a city park, this Saturday.
Antique dealers know all about the famous 12-handled pottery wassail casseroles, decorated with birds, berries and oak leaves, made by the Ewenny pottery in the 19th century.
Bob Sherman, director of gardens and gardening for organic organisation HDRA, said: 'The wassail offers a wonderful opportunity to experience an old English custom.
The Pig and Whistle, for instance, comes from Peg and Wassail. The peg has already been explained and wassailing meant drinking to good health.
Wassail Winter Ale is brewed especially for the holidays by Full Sail Brewing Company of Hood River, OR.