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the act of washing dishes


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This will be HOUR Movement's first WashUp and vice-president Tony Williams expects to help more than 50 families by washing nearly 150 loads of laundry.
In many cases, unattended machine cycles are long enough to run through coffee, lunch, and washup breaks.
BluePrint provides a complete range of dampening and washup solutions for sheetfed offset presses and has an especially innovative approach to environmentally friendly products.
Most of the time this is amazingly simple--like providing better lighting, better washup hoses and pressure, better catwalks to work from, better flashlights, better ventilation, etc.
With the Hexachrome inks, printers should be able to reduce the use of spot colors, which will also reduce washup.
In the press operators' washup area and at the loading dock, connections to a unit that separates oil and grease from water will send only water to the drain and divert oil and grease to a holding tank for subsequent disposal.
Changes in work rules include strengthening by the union of language dealing with washup time, continuous operations, and the nature and amount of incidental noncraft work that machine operators can be required to perform--some of the most contentious issues in negotiations.
Ink, washup solutions, printing plates, and dies also supplied.
Outstanding printability, finest transfer, simple handling in the press and easy washup, combined with good dot definition, a composed finish and outstanding wet-on-wet printing characteristics, characterize these inks.
Alkaline spills and washup environments are less corrosive than neutral environments, whereas acidic environments can cause rapid attack.
Units will have nip compensator roller sockets, washup devices and spray dampeners.
In addition to time spent actually working, hours at work include short rest periods, coffee breaks, standby or ready time, downtime, portal-to-portal time (if paid), washup time (if paid), travel time from job site to job site within the working day, travel time away from home if it cuts across the working day, and paid training periods.
TIP 0304-44 "Using washup water as the vehicle in starch based corrugating adhesive"
Washup Materials: Printers either typically use solvents that are listed (e.