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a lavatory (particularly a lavatory in a public place)

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When the cleaner came out of the washroom to leave the flat, she claimed that the manager abused her and gave her Dh50 to keep silent.
If not altogether, at least reduce their frequency while adding more hand dryers in public washrooms.
The victim ran out of the washroom and alerted a guard about what had happened.
It adds: "Any type of 'away from home' washroom can be nominated or entered in the competition, in any of the 61 separate awards categories listed on the entry form.
These days, the status of a washroom has been elevated to that of a living room or the kitchen and consumers are seeking the world's choicest and most cosmopolitan experiences for their washroom.
Apart from lack of washrooms, the community faces difficulty in approaching the corporation's health centres.
PHS Washrooms, part of the PHS Group, recently unveiled its revolutionary Airscent Atom in a move which aims to improve the workplace environment and introduce businesses to a more environmentally-effective fragrancing solution.
He claimed in the public prosecution investigation to have entered the washroom to clean its walls and ventilation fan.
He adds that the infections that spread include salmonella, E-Coli, MRSA, hepatitis A, and that "one of the most contaminated areas in the washroom are the taps and sink where you 'clean' your hands".
Fresh & Clean, as the leader in washroom hygiene solutions in Australia, undertook a survey of women users of its products.
She told me that a cleaner followed her into the washroom and kissed her.
A COMPANY making washroom products is a winner at the Commonwealth Games.
Answering to customer demand, the PHS Washrooms professional deep cleaning team is using advanced cleaning equipment and chemicals to eradicate built up organic minerals and matter that harbour germs and stains in washroom facilities.
Bradley Corporation, a veteran American manufacturer of innovative commercial plumbing fixtures has launched Diplomat Washroom Accessories Series.
The 2010 ADA Standards modified the original to accommodate more practical field conditions," says Alan Gettelman, vice president of external affairs for Bobrick Washroom Equipment, which offers a design guide reflecting the new regulations at bobrick.