washing powder

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soap in powdered form mixed with alkaline builders

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He was charged with stealing washing powder pods valued at PS7.70 from Tesco on Royal Avenue in April.
Women are featured in almost all washing powder, cooking oil, toilet cleaner and dishwashing soap advertisements as though women should be the only ones responsible for household chores like doing the laundry, cooking food, cleaning toilets and doing the dishes.
Speaking in an interview at Southern District's taking services to the people in Ralekgetho on February 28, Ms Tilly Motshegwa, a social worker in Moshupa said the idea for production of washing powder sprung after realising the need and high demand for such commodity.
"Tracey was on her break when she bought three boxes of washing powder in two transactions in which she got two receipts, as one was for another member of staff who was in work.
The Public Health & Safety Department of Dubai Municipality warned parents to keep their children away from the slime toys due to the use of borax, washing powder, glue and coloured materials in the preparation of such toys.
The factory owner has been accused for allegedly preparing sub standard spices and washing powder items and selling them via his own shop at low price.
nine ways to...REDUCE ALLERGENS IN YOUR CHILD'S BEDROOM 1 SOFT toys should be washed with non-bio washing powder suitable for sensitive skin at more than 60degC or put in the freezer overnight, then washed at a lower temperature.
There was a more noticeable increase in the price of eggs a 2.7%, sugar a 1.8%, gasoline A98H a 1.2%, washing powder a 1.8%, air fares a 6.3%
A bit like washing powder for clothes - but no where near as harsh - they combine granulated enzymes, botanicals or actives with mechanical exfoliants, which, with water, create a sudsy foam that dissolves make-up, dirt and dry skin.
Maybe she'll do a washing powder advert: "X Non-Bio Washing powder, it cleans off identity marks while retaining the important numbers."
Either way, Munster's Donnacha Ryan is up for tackling it IS IT A BIRD, IS IT A PLANE 2 Ireland's Seamus O'Connor takes off in the men's Slopestyle Snowboarding semi at Sochi GETTING DOWN AND DIRTY Paul Carberry is out in front, but the jockey in second could be advertising washing powder TACKLING OR HUGGING?
Summary: Berlin: German consumer chemicals group Henkel, maker of Persil washing powder, said Wednesday it ...
As of June 2013, a standard dose of washing powder must not contain more than 0.5 grams of phosphorus.
The Anglo-Dutch group Unilever and the American firm Procter & Gamble have been hit with a fine of 315.2 million for operating a cartel with Henkel of Germany in the washing powder market.
Perhaps you've puzzled over the washing powder running out in 45 wash cycles instead of the usual 50.