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a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically

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The Chinese company offered a Korean, 56, who was in charge of a Korean washing machine motor maker's research center in China at that time, an annual salary of 160 million won ($150,000) as well as other perks a such as housing and a vehicle a for stealing the technologies.
Ministry of Industries, Mining and Trade of Iran has published a report unveiling production volume of various home appliances (including air conditioners, refrigerators, washing machines and TV sets) in the first nine months of the current Iranian fiscal year (March 20-Dec.
this contract includes: A firm slice: The design, Construction and supply and installation of a washing machine (mal) and the fitting of the technical room for the automatic shuttles of the extension of line 14 of the metro (location: Saint-ouen).
The LG SIGNATURE TWINWashao washing machine is part of the LG SIGNATURE brand which is LG Electronics' most premium line of home appliances and home entertainment products.
Hunting down Samsung washing machine Repair Center in Hyderabad?
TV PROPERTY expert Kirstie Allsopp has defended her claim that washing machines belong outside the kitchen, but her followers are still not quite convinced.
According to recently published report of Bonafide Research "India Washing Machine Market Overview", Total washing machine market size is anticipated to grow in coming years and it is expected to touch INR 27600 Crore by 2021.
The washing machine with a "curry" setting," one person wrote on Twitter.
While I made a bad coffee, the man pulled the washing machine out and saw what was wrong with it.
Your washing machine should be flexible enough to fit your lifestyle whatever that may be.
Jack Vertane joked: "A woman put a winning ticket in the washing machine.
Amanda Hird, the youngest daughter of Ebac chairman and founder John Elliott, said: "Washing machines and washing machine technology wasn't an area of expertise for us, so we sub-contracted the best company possible to do work with us on this.
A BELFAST man has described how his washing machine exploded just seconds after his young daughter was standing beside it.
Every child thinks it is funny to go into a washing machine.
HAS anyone heard of the Torpedo Washing Machine Company of Huddersfield?