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a home appliance for washing clothes and linens automatically

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Ebac makes dehumidifiers and water coolers and will soon add washing machines to its portfolio of products.
Adults must teach children that going into a washing machine is never amusing.
An internet search found Lee Maxwell's Washing Machine Museum in Colorado.
The identically-rounded corners and the slightly-curved surface as well as the top gold-cut cambered surface and ellipsoid shape give the washing machine its unique character and distinctive air of elegance while expressing the innovation in TCL's manufacturing technology.
KARACHI -- Ideal is the term used by home appliances giant Dawlance for its new series of automatic washing machines that have been designed based on extensive market research.
It is an advanced front load washing machine packed with new features.
I was turning some washing machines over to look underneath to see the condition and size of any electrical motors, when I was accosted by one of the workers asking me 'to stop doing that'.
The toddler was safely freed when the firefighters managed to tear an iron sheet apart from the washing machine.
The washing machine also boasts another unique economical feature which is an advanced sensor that measures the load and determines the exact amount of water and detergent needed for each washing cycle.
She would set up a meeting with Sears de Mexico or maybe Aurera (the leading "big box" store in Mexico City at that time) and the two of them would convince the president of the company to donate a washing machine to the Sisters of Charity.
FIREFIGHTERS in Coventry have issued a warning about the dangers of leaving a washing machine running overnight.
According to the Association of Electronics Producers (Gabel), AC sales reached 3,500,000 units, refrigerators sales totaled 1,750,000 units and washing machine sales were recorded at 1,840,000 units in 2011.
AN INVESTIGATION is under way after a Cheshire toddler had his arm ripped off by a washing machine.