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Synonyms for washed-up

no longer effective, capable, or valuable

Synonyms for washed-up

doomed to extinction

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066 metric tons (MT) of illegal narcotics, 97 percent of which were found washed-up on Cuba's shores, a marked decrease compared to the 9.
They live in a not-so-happy, vaguely slumlike neighborhood somewhere in New York, in an apartment building managed by washed-up former child star Gary Coleman.
Washed-up narcotics are aggressively collected and securely stored for eventual incineration to avoid sale on the internal market.
Cuba's "Operation Hatchet" is intended to disrupt maritime and air trafficking routes, recover washed-up narcotics, and deny drug smugglers shelter within the territory and waters of Cuba through vessel, aircraft, and radar surveillance by the Ministry of Interior's Border Guard and Ministry of Revolutionary Armed Forces (Navy and Air Force).
People - viewers, readers - love to get behind the scenes,'' observes Ted Harbert, new president of NBC Studios and executive producer of ``It's Like, You Know'' - a sitcom which upped the ante in the blurring-the-lines sweepstakes by hiring washed-up actress Jennifer Grey to play washed-up actress Jennifer Grey and make fun of her nose job, her stalled career and her sex life.