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Synonyms for washboard

device consisting of a corrugated surface to scrub clothes on

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protective covering consisting of a broad plank along a gunwale to keep water from splashing over the side

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This proved so popular that had previously recorded a fast-tempoed version of Leadbelly's Rock Island Line, featuring a washboard but not a tea-chest bass, with John Henry on the B-side.
I wanted to be in a band and couldn't play anything so tried the washboard.
Cito Corrcheck among these which is aimed at corrugation industry, is an optical, non-contact measuring system for checking the mechanical washboard effect, flute profiles in the case of open flute and the creasing process in corrugated board production.
It was a case of scrubbing brush, washboard and posser in a zinc tub with plenty of elbow grease to get your whites whiter than white.
The PS1,500 tummy tuck in Prague gave her "a washboard stomach again".
Qatar Limited Racing looked likely to enjoy a Dundalk juvenile double when Seeking Luck moved up to challenge Sir Walter Scott and Washboard Sam in the 7f conditions race but, to the chagrin of those who backed Seeking Luck at a low of 1.
THE Ger Lyons-trained Washboard Sam looks the pick of what could be quite a tricky card at Dundalk this afternoon.
Each page half contains a textured object that illustrates a part of the special memory, like a towel bit hung on a line to dry, a plastic dial on a phone, a corrugated pretend washboard, etc.
TWILIGHT beefcake Taylor Lautner strikes out on his own in the action-packed thriller Abduction, in which he attempts to prove he's much more than a pretty face with washboard abs.
lines in sand, no roads to answer to, washboard weave, waves of an old
Robert Plant & Band Of Joy SYMPHONY HALL I'M not sure which was most surprising - the stage invader, the washboard solo or seeing Robert Plant doing backing vocals on a couple of country numbers.
It still sports the mother-of-two's washboard abs though.
Promoter-about-town Cindy Ingram plays washboard in the old-time bluegrass band the Whiskey Chasers, which has two gigs tonight.
Disagreeing with last week's list, reader Isabella Noble wrote to point out that she still has a pulley and a washboard.
While those vehicles are raising dust, they are also creating a washboard surface that'll jar a future traveler's fillings and loosen a car's suspension components.