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When we find no wash room we try to use the wash room meant for the ladies lawyers but we have to face untoward situation therein as well, said a group of ladies.
While the leaders of the two parties PTI and PAT Imran Khan and Tahirul Qadri went to rest in their comfortable containers parked at Jinnah Avenue and D-Chowk outside the parliament house leaving the workers uncared and unattended in the open sky without any facility of wash rooms and other such basic necessities of life.
They said survey disclosed that out of 2991 schools of Badin district 2252 were suffered of electricity,1362 wash rooms,1616 compound walls and 1963 schools were deprived of pure drinking water while dozens of schools were sustaining shortage of furniture and stationary.
Meanwhile, visitors had complaints in connection of lack of drinking water, wash rooms and proper parking.
The first floor slab is supported by a central block of reinforced concrete walls enclosing a connecting stairway, wash rooms and machine rooms at ground level.
Acting on the directives of Deputy Commissioner Barkat Ullah Khan, Assistant Commissioner Aun Haider carried out surprise visit to different petrol pumps in the area and checked rates of petrol and diesel, fire fighting equipments, wash rooms and other.
According to media reports the boundary walls, roofs and wash rooms of the schools and BHCs in all the seven Tehsials including Rawalpindi, Kotli Sattian, Kallar Syedan, Gujar Khan, Murree, Kahuta, Taxila and Gujjar Khan will be built and repaired out of this fund.
According to media reports, PHA has accorded approval to give on contract the wash rooms and parking of public parks including Rawal road, Dhok Munshi, Shams Abad, Murree and Qari Khushi Mohammad park.
During the operation 12 illegal rooms, four wash rooms with boundary wall, one tyre puncture kiosk and an illegal shop of cement seller were dismantled with the help of wheel dozer.
Another action was taken in the same vicinity around the Shrine Shah Muzammil Shah where 19 rooms constructed at segregated locations for residence purpose, an ablution site having 12 wash rooms, and numerous boundary walls got dismantled with the help of Wheel dozer.