wash off

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Synonyms for wash off

remove by the application of water or other liquid and soap or some other cleaning agent

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One of the little lads kept his arm out of the bath so it wouldn't wash off.
Wash off after three hours to avoid marking clothes.
Instead, we will be slapping on this St Tropez Instant Tan Wash Off Lotion, PS10, which has 'rainmac technology' to guarantee it won't wash away in the drizzle.
IEC officials, who held a meeting in Kabul, assured the stains to be applied on voters' forefingers would not be possible to wash off in a week's time.
Solait 360 Instant Tan Wash Off Spray in Medium/Dark, PS6.
Are there any good ones that wash off after a night out?
A Brazilian native, Henrique dos Santos attempted to dress himself up as the comic book hero Incredible Hulk for a running event, but eventually found that the green paint would not wash off.
Shell Gas/C-Store/Car Wash off I-75, at entrance of major outlet Mall.
It dries clear and leaves a dissipative coating that will not wash off or biodegrade.
THE self-tanning experts at Fake Bake have developed a powerful anti ageing cream, which includes a radiant wash off golden tint.
To protect seals, it's a good idea to daily wash off sand around the pump with low-pressure water.
I would have thought UV ink would wash off after a while on a car.
Stay safe; Wash off the cosmetics immediately; avoid eye makeup; and steer clear of high-traffic days, which have a higher percentage of makeup contamination.
One weekend, I wrote my crush's name on my legs with marker because I figured it would wash off before school on Monday and, besides, I'd be wearing pants.