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a period of time during which there is armed conflict

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In "Something for the War," published in the December 1944-January 1945 issue, a black domestic's blood donation is rejected by white nurses, reminding readers of the Red Cross's official wartime policy of rejecting or separating black from white blood donations for fear of enacting artificial miscegenation.
For my wartime generation, it meant taking the best years of your life and turning them around.
Previous studies have noted a correlation between the stress of natural disasters and the occurrence of coronary artery disease, but this is the first study to focus on wartime risk factors, the researchers report in the October AMERICAN JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY.
The restoration will ensure future generations have the chance to stand in its larger-than-life presence and learn about this nation's wartime history in a very real and poignant way.
And with three bestsellers already under his belt in the Amazon Kindle wartime top 30, Fred is hoping to add his latest title - Francesca Pascal - to the list.
However, some bloggers and historians say the slogan recalls wartime rhetoric, such as a call for all "100 million" civilians, spanning Japan's then-colonies of Korea and Taiwan, to be ready to die, rather than accept defeat, in World War Two.
She focuses on the fraught and at times perilous wartime experiences of France's most prestigious composers, including several whose wartime music became iconic in the postwar era.
Railway in Wartime features reenactments, entertainment, street parades and vehicle displays at the stations along the line from Grosmont to Pickering.
This year's Wartime Weekend event was especially poignant as it marked the centenary of World War I.
The three-member task force, which is under the Ministry's Northeast Asian affairs bureau, will conduct in-depth and systematic research on Tokyo's wartime sexual enslavement of Korean women and will assist the existing office specially dealing with Japanese issues.
VISITORS can expect a nostalgic journey back to the sights and sounds of wartime Britain as the Black Country Living Museum hosts its largest ever 1940s Weekend.
Projects for the World War I-themed week will include children building wartime nurses' shelters and aircraft structures from willow.
GIRLS from two Newcastle schools have stepped back in time as they learnt about evacuees in wartime.
The wartime extravaganza will be held in Penrhyn Road in the town, at Parc Eirias and on the beach on Saturday, April 12th and Sunday, April 13 from 10am until 5pm.
A Tokyo museum focusing on wartime sex slavery is holding an exhibition on how Taiwanese women sexually exploited by the Japanese army have struggled to recover from their ordeals.