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African wild swine with warty protuberances on the face and large protruding tusks

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The rationale behind these tests is that crop dusters converted to CAS are less expensive to build and maintain than are A-10 Warthogs or F/A-18 Hornets.
I put my big bushy hair into a pineapple on the top of my head, my breathing sounds like a warthog running a marathon (I don't know, I just have an affinity with warthogs), and my mouth is so wide open it looks like I have a flip-top head.
The cynicism displayed by Warthog fans is understandable considering the mixed messages that have come from Air Force leadership since the idea to retire the aircraft was first proposed during the 2013 budget crunch.
A fleet of 115 Warthogs, which saved scores of army lives against Taliban roadside bombs, has been dropped to save MoD costs.
But rather than pointing downward like fangs, these teeth now appear to have stuck out to the sides a bit like warthog tusks, Kerin Claeson of the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine reported January 4.
Warthog HD Backreamers: Designed to require less torque and reduce drag when back reaming, the Warthog HD model improves production and flow efficiency around the cutters and reamer body.
When five playful warthog piglets get together they can create a lot of mischief - so I'm sure they'll soon hog lots of attention.
We hunted there last season and took a great 40-inch buffalo plus a bushbuck, impala, warthog, bush pig, blue wildebeest, and eland.
Proposed defense cuts would ground the A-10 Warthog and the U-2 spy plane .
He then meets a warthog in Durban that is about to be released into the wild, before feeding and preening a chick at a vulture conservation project near Johannesburg.
The final moments of an ill-fated warthog have been captured on film by tourists on safari on the African savannah.
Large game species consists of Kudu, Oryx and Red Hartebeest while small game species consists of Springbok and Warthog.
The area had earlier been cordoned off by Scimitar Mk2 armoured vehicles equipped with 30mm cannons, Warthog all-terrain troop carriers armed with .
Poor Simba is overwhelmed by guilt - inflamed by Scar's cruel words - and he flees his homeland, finally collapsing in the jungle where he befriends the eccentric double-act of neurotic meerkat Timon (Nathan Lane) and flatulent warthog Pumbaa (Ernie Sabella).
But as C4's new documentary series, Fighting On The Frontline discovers, these days they travel by Warthog.