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Synonyms for warrigal

Australian wild horse


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wolflike yellowish-brown wild dog of Australia

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minority the of Flynn added: "There remains a significant minority who continue to deny the evidence of frontier massacres like Warrigal Creek.
they are the people from Tarra River and Warrigal Creek, much like the Djadjawurrung people associated with the Loddon River were often called the Loddon tribe; and the Daungwurrung were associated with the Goulburn River, the Goulburn tribe etc.
While others such as Martin Warrigal Kungiung, John Dumoo, Maudie Dumoo and Les Kundjil each composed one or two songs during this period, the vast majority of songs were composed by Thomas Kungiung and Wagon Dumoo (Marett 2005:118).
38 electronic Lane Use Management Signs (LUMS) will be installed between Warrigal Road and the South Gippsland Freeway, creating one of the longest stretches of managed motorway in the world.
In New South Wales, at least two employers--Calvary Retirement Communities and Warrigal Care--had no recourse but to withdraw offers to pay the 1% supplementary increase following the government's announcement.
4 kilometre Bypass Dingley Bypass linking Westall Road in Dingley Village to Warrigal Road in Moorabbin.
Warrigal 2528 NSW Australia or e-mail stainthorpe@bigpond.
Mount Warrigal Nursing Home Reunion 17 September, 3-12pm, Seaspray Function Centre, Beach Rd, Shellharbour.
The EE3A consortium of RDA Illawarra, the University of Wollongong, IRT Group, Warrigal, Illawarra Forum, WEA Illawarra, Southern Councils Group and the Royal Freemason's Benevolent Institution (RFBI) brings together some of the most experienced organisations in the areas of data collection, research, aged care and education.
4 kilometre arterial road linking Warrigal Road at Moorabbin and Westall Road at Dingley Village, Mr Mulder said.
4 kilometre Dingley Bypass will link Warrigal Road at Moorabbin and Westall Road at Dingley Village.