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one who provides a warrant or guarantee to another

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Today, with most infrastructures privatized, the state is no longer the sovereign provider of public services but rather a warrantor in situations when privately operated Critical Infrastructures fail.
Warren Greatrex is adamant the Chepstow feature is the right race for Warrantor.
At the beginning of November, Warrantor got off the mark over hurdles in a maiden at Chepstow.
Warrantor and Gavin Sheehan | |winning at Chepstow in November and jockey Jake Grennall (inset) DAVID DAVIES
After all, if the Manufacturer warranted it, surely responsibility shifts to the Warrantor.
Share capital (1) Without him, the client would not [check] TRUE 10% have been conquered (2) He is important to originate new [check] TRUE 10% contracts (3) He knows who to hire for the job FALSE 10% execution The Specialist's contribution to the intellectual capital (4) He knows the client's and the [check] business' needs mutch better than TRUE 10% any other in the Firm (5) He dominates the technology/ [check] methodology and the Firm doesn't TRUE 10% (6) He is the warrantor of the FALSE 10% project the share of the 40% Specialist in the contract's profit should be: the share of the Specialist in the contract's profit should be: 40%
German National Socialists celebrated his "Germanness," and, after the collapse of the Third Reich, intellectuals in support of the speedily reinstated Habsburg myth referred to Grillparzer, alongside Adalbert Stifter and Hugo von Hofmannsthal, as their historical warrantor.
Social movements sponsored by workers brought to light the appalling conditions they were subject to, which led to the idea that the state should no longer be mere warrantor of individual rights tied to the non state intervention: the rights to freedom.
The role of the state is essential, not only as a warrantor of systematic support, but also as a creator of favorable environment.
The court noted the reluctance is predicated on the concern that the doctrine will impinge on the "established principle that a physician is not a warrantor of cure, and if a good result does not ensue from his efforts, the doctrine of RIL is not readily available to a disappointed patient.
I believe that Macedonia could have gained more from its relations with Moscow provided it promoted itself as a warrantor of stability, peace and interethnic coexistence," Ilievski says.
Article 1-A: Loans granted to the licensed tourist projects or to those which got tourist rehabilitation or classification by the Tourism Ministry and are late in paying their financial obligations, are exempted of full overdue and un-payable fines by the time of re-tabulation in condition of ensuring collaterals and the ability of debtors or their warrantor to pay through the financial data.
Where the beneficiary of the guarantee or warranty proceeds against the guarantor or warrantor in the competent French courts, he will be able to apply for recognition of the German judgment, and it will no longer be possible to re-examine that judgment as to the merits.