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Synonyms for warrantee

a recipient of a warrant issued by a court in the United States

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a customer to whom a warrant or guarantee is given

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a written assurance that some product or service will be provided or will meet certain specifications

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Ahmad Ali, an engineer, told Gulf News that he is now happy as he feels safe from fraud since the dealers have to provide spare parts for five years and they will issue a warrantee for spare parts for six months against any defects.
Spring Air said it was able to provide its consumers with greater warrantee protection because of its "confidence" in the improved quality of all its products, including it new "Power Coil," a specially designed innerspring that is exclusive to the company and the first to be designed solely for one-sided mattresses.
Dcms C After Submission Of 10 Percent Performance Bank Guarantee For Warrantee Period Valid For 6 Months Beyond The Last Date Of Warrantee Period.
The Bank Guarantee For Warrantee Is Required To Be Submitted For Aforesaid Warrantee Period And For 10 Percent Of The Consignment Covering The Guarantee Period Plus Six Months.
The Company also reported that it has already cut the cost of raw materials purchasing by between 2% and 3% through a new bidding process initiated this year where at least five vendors will compete on the basis of price, product quality, technology, warrantee period, services and payment models.
G For 10 Percent Of Total Value Valid For Warrantee Period Plus 90 Days.
One distinctive advantage to this programme: the manufacturer's warrantee remains valid after installation.
A minimum of 2 full year warrantee for parts and labor above and beyond the 5 years on compressors and manufacturers warrantees is required.
Well Established 28 Years Small Engine Repair Mostly Warrantee work for Low's and other major stores.
Customers should be aware that modifying graphics processor speed settings may void warrantee.
12V,150 Ah Batteries Make: Luminius Okaya,Exide,Amarraja, Amco,Panasonic Only With On Site Warrantee 02 Year For Home Ups/Inverter And 24 Month Warrantee/Guarantee Certificate For Battery To Be Submitted.
Top Notch HP (High Performance), its premium subflooring product for building environments that experience difficult weather patterns, was introduced in the mid-1990s as a better alternative to plywood, and offers a no-sand, 90-day guarantee and limited lifetime warrantee for the homeowner.
In addition, equipment managers can track purchase dates of systems and component parts to help them save money by taking advantage of manufacturers' warrantee periods.